Monday, March 28, 2016

Claire’s Birthday Party and Annual Easter Egg Hunt

In addition to Rory’s party, we had two other events the weekend before last. Claire’s birthday celebration was on Friday afternoon at Airline Skate Center, just like last year. Riley stated weeks before that he didn’t want to go because he didn’t want to skate, but I told him he didn’t have to skate if he didn’t want to.

However, after about a half hour Riley asked to put skates on. Kenny happily took him to get a pair and ended up getting him the real deal, on which he lasted for maybe five minutes. So Kenny got him a beginner pair and he skated for a bit longer. Then he was done. Not surprising. But at least he tried it!



Meanwhile, Rory just sat at the food table and ate blueberries and crackers. And then he ran around in the game area. Aunt E, Kate, and Luke were there too, and Kate tried skating for the first time. She did pretty good!




The party was “Frozen Fever” themed. After a good amount of skating, all of the kids sat down at a long table and everyone sang to Claire. Then they passed out pizza and cake.



And this is the only picture I got of Riley with the birthday girl. He was being less than cooperative. Typical.


Happy Birthday, Claire!

On Sunday we went to Ashley and Greg’s house for our annual Easter egg hunt. Like last year, Rory wanted nothing to do with finding eggs. All he was concerned with were Grant’s trucks. So I quickly snatched up a handful of eggs and threw them into his basket before the big kids could get to them. He needed a few at least!



Also like last year, Riley hunted with a sword stuck in his back pocket. Wonk potatoes.


Once all of the eggs had been found, the kids sat on the steps to take their annual post-hunt picture. Rory wasn’t having any of it, though; he wailed when Kenny sat him on a step, even though he was still holding Grant’s truck. This is totally the start of the terrible threes, and I am not excited about it.


After the picture, the kids (with the exception of Rory) sorted through their loot and then ran around the backyard for the rest of the afternoon, having a grand time.



Another fun egg hunt in the books. Thanks for having us, Ashley and Greg!


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