Friday, September 30, 2016

SCR Grandparents Day and City Park Night

There were two special school-related functions last week: Grandparents Day on Friday morning and City Park Night on Saturday night. Both were great; the boys had so much fun!

Nola had to stay home with Luke, but Grandma, Grandpa, and Nopsi were able to get to SCR on Friday. They attended mass first, and then Riley and Rory loved showing the three of them their classrooms. I am the photograph coordinator for Riley’s class this year, so I was there taking pictures of all of the first grade students and their grandparents. It was an exciting day.


IMG_1003 IMG_1004


IMG_0790 IMG_0789 IMG_0793







DSC_2093 IMG_1006


Saturday night was SCR’s City Park Night. This is always a fun, chaotic, and exhausting night, and this year was no exception. The boys ran from ride to ride and had a blast with their friends. Rory and Mary Jane hung out on the smaller rides a lot, Riley and I got to go on Musical Express together (I laughed the whole time; so fun), and Riley tried to give all of his girl friends kisses on the motorcycle ride. Oh, and it was Diana’s birthday! What a crazy, fun night.








Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Football Visit to LSU

Kenny and I were fortunate enough to get up to Baton Rouge for the LSU-MSU football game on September 17. Adam and Erin came over from Texas and joined us. We had such a fun time; it was so great to be back on campus again and see all of the familiar places, as well as the many changes.


We decided to eat at Chimes before the game. We nixed tailgating since it was just the four of us and since the weather forecast was very iffy for the whole afternoon. We got really lucky and never saw a drop of rain, but I’m still glad we got to go to Chimes. It was really crowded (we even saw our friends Cynthia and Brock), and we waited a long time. However, we managed to snag a table in the bar area, thanks to a really nice family noticing us waiting. (And two of them ended up sitting right next to Adam and Erin at the game! Crazy.)

IMG_0860_thumb1 IMG_0861_thumb1

Cheese fries, blackened alligator, crab cake sandwich, roast beef po-boy, beer, and Florida State getting killed by Louisville on tv in the background, all the while surrounded by a sea of people in purple and gold, excited about another home game. It was a great afternoon.


IMG_0870_thumb1 IMG_0867_thumb2


We left Chimes just after 3 and walked down Highland to the epic new bookstore (where there is a plane hanging from the ceiling!!). We said hi to the Campanile on the way and also walked through the Union, which is so different since the bookstore is no longer there. And we ran into Ashley and Greg, who were there with their kiddos.




After that, we made our way over to the stadium and just barely caught the band coming down the hill. Then Kenny and I went to find our bricks and say hi to Mike. He was pacing on the far side of his enclosure, but we found a great spot near a break in the bushes to see him. At one point, he stopped just out of our view and stood there panting. I started talking in my “kitty-cat” voice, and he totally walked forward and looked right at me. It was really cool.


IMG_0883_thumb9 IMG_0898_thumb8IMG_0903_thumb8 IMG_0909_thumb8


I reluctantly said goodbye to Mike so we could head into the stadium in time to see pregame. I really liked where our seats were: they were completely opposite from where we used to sit as students, in the southeast corner.



The game moved a bit slowly and actually got boring at times, but I luckily had something else to hold my attention: an absolutely gorgeous sunset. It just kept getting prettier and prettier.







Adam and Erin were able to move right in front of us early in the second half, so we got to chat more with them as we watched the Tigers beat the Bulldogs. MSU turned it on at the end but we held on to win 23-20. So fun hanging out without any kids around! (No offense, Riley and Rory. Love you boys!)


LSU’s next game wasn’t nearly as good; they lost on the road to Auburn. And then the head coach, Les Miles, and the offensive coordinator, Cam Cameron, were fired. It’s certainly going to be an interesting season.

So glad we got the chance to get to a game this year, though. Big thanks to Nola and Nopsi for keeping the boys for us!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Surprise Sleepy Pics!

I recently discovered a whole slew of sleepy pics on Kenny’s phone, along with these first two, of the wonk potatoes being silly right before going to bed. Jackpot!

20160914_194516 20160913_200334










You’re welcome. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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