Thursday, December 12, 2019

2019 SCR Oyster Festival

The fair this year was much less stressful for me (and Nopsi!) because I was not in charge of any booth decorations. I simply showed up Friday morning, November 8, ready for whatever. I mostly helped first grade, but I made sure to wander around to see everything. And I helped with first grade's fair dance practice on stage. The kids were all very excited to get their fair weekend started.

The theme was "All Roads Lead to SCR." First grade chose to depict the ongoing construction work that's happening on Cleary and West Esplanade (and impacting arrival and dismissal!), while fourth grade honored Broadway in New York. All of the booths looked really great. And it didn't rain this year!

After a half day of school and a low key afternoon at home, the boys and I met Kenny out at the fair around 6:30. We walked up to the stage first because the Funky Beans were playing. We said hi to the guys, danced a bit, and then the boys were off. They were never in the same place for very long; they had a blast. Kenny took them home around 9:30, while I stayed to work the last shift with some of the girls.

We were back out there just before noon the next day. Rory's fair dance wasn't until 1:30, so he had some time for rides before he had to go meet his class.

Mrs. Mac's class gathered outside of the cafeteria to get dressed in their fair dance costumes, take pictures, and line up. They practiced so hard in PE class, and their dance was really cute. They danced to "On Broadway" and did a fantastic job on the big stage.

Rory came down and was greeted by his adoring fans. He agreed to a quick picture before he was off to the rides again. Kenny and I watched the 7th graders perform and then Rory was suddenly back to play games. He tried just about all of the little games the school sponsors: putt putt, roller ball, bean bag toss, and plinko. And he earned enough tokens to score two tiger head scepters. (We did not take home another fish this year. But Corey and Snowy are still going strong.)

After his gaming, Rory ran off to find his friends and ride a last few rides before we headed home for the day.

This was the first year we let Riley go off on his own with his friends, provided he didn't leave the parking lot and he checked in with us now and then. So we didn't really see much of him all weekend. He spent a lot of time in the Funhouse and on the Rock It and the Scrambler.

I worked the first shift on Sunday with Terah and Dana. Kenny brought the boys out around 1 and we stayed until 3:30. By that time, everyone was pretty faired out and ready to call it.

Always fun, always exhausting, always nonstop, living that fair life. Thank goodness it only happens once a year.
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