Friday, December 2, 2016

Black Friday

We ventured down to the Quarter the day after Thanksgiving to meet up with Grandma, Grandpa, and the ‘Woods at Cafe du Monde for their annual beignet fix. It was super crowded down there on account of it being Black Friday and because of the people in town for the Bayou Classic. But we snagged a table and sat down to people watch, admire the city’s Christmas decorations, and eat sugary goodness.




Then some of us got a little silly with the powdered sugar.




However, I took things to a new level when I threw a plateful of leftover sugar onto Riley. Because he asked me to. He loved it; Debbie and Grandma couldn’t believe I did it. Twice!


Once we finished our beignets and brushed off as much sugar as we could, we left to walk everything off around the Quarter. The boys loved seeing the huge Christmas tree across from the Cathedral.




We walked all around the square, window shopping and checking out all of the artists who hadn’t packed up yet. We caught some of a street performance in front of the Cathedral and then walked over to Royal Street to stroll by some of the art galleries. It was a good way to break in my new Toms Christmas lights shoes… them!


The others headed back to Mandeville after that, but the four of us decided to go grab dinner before going home. After much debate, we settled on Blue Oak BBQ on Carrollton. Everyone really enjoyed it; I’m glad Kenny finally got to try it. We’ll definitely go back.



The ‘Woods left to go back to California the next day. We saw them one last time at City Park for a couple of hours of family fun before they went to the airport. We played at the playground and wandered around the Sculpture Garden. I just love that place. I really should do my next round of family pictures in there.




IMG_3047 IMG_3056




2016 Christmas tree drama coming up next week. It’s been a saga.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Nine Years

Kenny and I have been married for nine years today. Our wedding was so much fun, thanks in large part to our parents, the rest of our families, and our awesome wedding party and group of friends. We love all of you!

nine years3

nine years1

nine years2

Happy Anniversary, Ken. I loved you then, I love you now, and I’ll love you always.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Thanksgiving Day

There was no rest for the weary this year on Thanksgiving morning: I had a race to run! It was my first time doing the 5-mile Turkey Trot in City Park. The ‘Woods have done it for a few years, and I decided to join them this year.


I saw a number of people I knew out there (including our friend Josh, Riley’s PK4 teacher Mrs. Amelie, and also some guy in a full-on turkey costume that I didn’t know but had to take a photo with). The race was great. The course was really nice, and I even got an extra mile in before it started because my scheduled long run that week was 6 miles.

IMG_2928 IMG_2930IMG_2933 IMG_2934

Kenny and the boys ended up coming out too; they played at the playground near Morning Call while they waited for me. All of the ‘Woods ran by first, and Riley ran alongside Nicholas for a bit. Then I finally came into view, although the boys were off playing and didn’t hear Kenny call for them to come see me. But they eventually raced over and ran with me for a little while. They were good motivation for me to finish the last mile and a half strong!








The finish line was inside Tad Gormley Stadium and lots of people were in the stands watching. The ‘Woods cheered for me as I crossed, and we all met up just outside the stadium afterwards. Grandma, Kenny, and the boys showed up shortly after. We took some pictures and then left to go eat all the things.




We gathered at our house and had a great afternoon. Amaretto shrimp, baked artichoke squares, seafood gumbo with potato salad, kale salad with parm cheese, salad bar, beer bread, and buttermilk blueberry cake for dessert. Yum.




After dinner, I went to visit Nola and Nopsi, and everyone else took a walk to the levee. Then we reconvened and the cousins played all afternoon. It was a great family day!




Speaking of which, I am so very thankful for my little family. These three boys are my world and I am so grateful for them.


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Now, on to Christmas!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thanksgiving Week Farm Trip

The boys had off all Thanksgiving week, and they were so pumped. Especially because 3 of the 4 ‘Woods arrived on Saturday the 19th. That also happened to be Deb’s birthday. They came over to our house for dinner after they got into town, and we surprised Deb with a few mini pies for a birthday dessert.


The next day, Kenny took the boys up to the farm. Nicholas and James love going up there when they’re in town, so they stayed from Sunday until Wednesday. Kenny brought Rory home on Monday night, but Riley stayed at the farm until Wednesday. He had an absolute blast with his cousins.












I’m so glad we have the farm to go to. Everyone always has so much fun up there.

Thanksgiving Day recap coming up next!

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