Thursday, March 15, 2018

School Days: Second Grade Blanket Making at Sunrise {Riley}

The second graders took their third field trip to Sunrise Senior Living last Thursday. I just love this partnership, and this trip was probably my favorite. The kids and some of the residents worked together to make blankets that were then donated to Angel’s Place, a local organization that helps the families of children with life-threatening diseases.

How awesome is that?


Ms. Paulin’s and Ms. Cobb’s classes came separately; Riley’s class was first. The students were divided into groups and each group worked on a blanket. The fabrics were all different and equally adorable, and all they had to do was tie strips of fabric together.





I walked around the room and snapped pictures, watching the young and the old work together and listening to the snippets of conversations they were having. It was so very sweet.


Riley sat next to a resident named Sally. They didn’t talk much, just worked quietly next to each other. I asked if I could take a picture of the two of them, and they both agreed. Ms. Sally hugged my boy to her like he was her own. Heart = melt.



Once the blankets were all finished, we took some pictures and then everyone mingled until the kids had to catch the bus back to school. Riley got really shy and clung to me, stating that he didn’t want to talk to anyone. I gently but firmly pushed him toward Ms. Paulin and let her handle him. She walked over to another resident with him and they made small talk for a couple of minutes. Glad he stepped out of his comfort zone, even though he didn’t want to.

DSC_3620 DSC_3622


DSC_3623 DSC_3625



This was such a nice way to spend a morning; I’m so glad I was able to go. And I think the kids really got that they were doing something good: spending time with older people who may not get many visitors and also giving back to their community in helping sick children.

This may have been their last trip to Sunrise, but I hope it’s not. However, the school year is way too close to being over: they only have about 9 weeks left until they’re out for the summer!

Heaven help me.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Five Years Old {Rory}

Rory is five years old today… whole hand! I can hardly believe it.

At the age of five, Rory stands 43 inches tall and weighs 39.4 pounds.

He is such a sweet boy, always wanting to sit in my lap and still giving the best hugs. He’s starting to get a bit of a stubborn streak, stomping his feet and putting his hands on his hips (and sometimes even screaming) when he doesn’t get his way. I’m hoping this is just a phase but we shall see!

He’s very smart and is doing very well in school. He’s even starting to write! He still LOVES trucks and cars, and he likes to watch digger videos on the tablet. He also loves books.

He loves being outside with his trucks or in his sandbox and always wants to splash in the big puddles after a hard rain. He plays very well by himself, but he also loves playing with his brother. I love that they get along so well, most of the time.


Here’s his annual birthday interview!

What is your favorite color? Red

What is your favorite toy? Trucks and cars and machines. All the types of vehicles!

What is your favorite fruit? Grapes

What is your favorite tv show? Mighty Machines

What is your favorite movie? Cars

What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? Ham

What is your favorite snack? BBQ chips

What is your favorite animal? Tiger

What is your favorite song? This Is the Work! (from a digger video)

What is your favorite book? Lego Mighty Machines

Who is your best friend? Colin

What makes you happiest? Opening presents

What do you want to be when you grow up? I do not know.

What is your favorite drink? Apple juice

What is your favorite holiday? Christmas

What is your favorite thing to do outside? Play

What is your favorite game? I do not know.

What do you like to sleep with? Tigees!

What is your favorite thing to wear? Blanket

How would you describe yourself? Um, I don’t know!

What is the best thing about you? Be happy!


Happy happy birthday, my sweet Rory. Daddy, Riley, and I love you so very much!

Monday, March 12, 2018

School Days: PK4 Tea for Two {Rory}

One of my favorite activities of PK4 took place the afternoon of March 1: I got to have tea with Rory in his classroom. I loved doing this with Riley three years ago, and I’m so glad they have continued the tradition. It’s such a nice event.


Rory picked out a shirt and tie of Kenny’s to wear, along with a pair of his shoes and his black bowler hat. And the moms, of course, dressed up as well, donning our best spring hats, boas, and pearls. Everyone looked so great.








Like his brother did, Rory drank almost a dozen little cups of “tea,” which was actually pink lemonade. And he loved the cookies that went with the tea. Then Mrs. Sue had all of the kids stand in front of their cubbies to do a little performance for the moms. They sang a few songs and recited a poem before giving us special flowers that they created for us to wear. So sweet!


IMG_5858 IMG_5860


IMG_5862 IMG_5863


Rory and I sat next to Brennan and Heidi and Dana and Colin were at a table near ours. Those boys drank so much lemonade and were in quite crazy moods afterwards. But we managed to corral them long enough to take a few pictures. They all looked so darn cute.






I loved spending this special time with my sweet boy. And we even were able to bring Riley some leftover “tea” (per his request when he got out of the car that morning).


Special second grade field trip recap coming up next!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Ten Things

1. More bike riding fun!


IMG_5130 IMG_5132IMG_5135 IMG_5139


2. Pretty sunset, silliness in Party City, matching red beans and rice shirts, and epic morning hair.

IMG_5171 IMG_5221IMG_5239 IMG_5361

3. Proudly showing off his new Lego build: the carnivorous worm!

IMG_5234 IMG_5233IMG_5236 IMG_5235

4. Luke wanted to try out Rory’s cool helmet and bike too!

IMG_5318 IMG_5320

5. Two fun nights out at the theater: Million Dollar Quartet with the girls at Rivertown and An American in Paris with Kenny at the Saenger. The kids slept at Nola and Nopsi’s house on the Saenger night. They camped out under the dining room table!


IMG_5349 IMG_5352


6. Sitting in some of their Mardi Gras crap catch.


7. Riley is getting way too big to continue to sit in our official haircutting seat.


8. We had a lovely Valentine’s Day at home.



9. Mardi Gras week playdate with Brennan and Maddie at Johnny Bright on a beautiful day.

IMG_5787 IMG_5790IMG_5791 IMG_5794

10. An expanded Sunday dinner with QP and James, who were in town from France for a week.


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