Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Ten Things

1. Quality time with my boys is the best time. Even if I’m a little tired.



2. He was so cute this day, especially when he started double-fisting sippies.

IMG_7760 IMG_7765IMG_7766 IMG_7768

3. Outside time in our backyard and at a nearby playground.



4. A couple of leftovers from Halloween season: Riley as a scary sticker monster (who only knows) and sweet Kate as Minnie Mouse.



5. He was cute this day too, with his digger shirt and cuffed jeans.

IMG_7943 IMG_7946IMG_7956 IMG_7957

But he was especially cute when I asked him where his dimples were.


6. Rockin’ his brother’s old jean jacket.

IMG_8084 IMG_8094

7. Goofing around with Kate at Nola and Nopsi’s after school one day. This was before Riley slid off the couch cushion and busted his lip on the coffee table. Told him so, but did he listen? Nope.

IMG_8096 IMG_8099IMG_8104 IMG_8098

8. Nola took me to lunch for my birthday but made me drive. When I picked her up, we discovered that we were practically dressed alike, in black dresses and jean jackets.


We had lunch at Boucherie, which was really good. The garlic and parmesan French fries were yummy, as were the two desserts I just had to try: a rich chocolate terrine and Krispy Kreme bread pudding. Yum. Thanks Nola!




Then that night Kenny took me to Cava for dinner. It was also delish. Thanks, Baby!

IMG_8106 IMG_8105


9. I found myself at the doctor with Rory last week. He woke up sick on Thursday morning, coughing and snotty and generally miserable. Dr. N ruled out flu and strep and prescribed an antibiotic. By that afternoon, after a great nap, the little one was feeling much better. However, he’s still not 100%; in fact, all four of us haven’t been well at the same time for a very long time. Yuck.

IMG_8117 IMG_8119


IMG_8120 IMG_8127

10. Kenny and I spent last Saturday night in Baton Rouge for a friend’s wedding. Brouss and Jessica got married at the Methodist church on LSU’s campus and held their reception at the Old Governor’s Mansion downtown. It was so much fun being with all of our friends on our old stomping grounds again.




Congrats, Brouss and Jess!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Twenty Months {Rory}

Rory turned 20 months on Friday. This is the first time I am late with a birthday post, for him or for his big brother. I knew it was bound to happen sooner or later, but I still feel guilty. So sorry, sweetness!

He weighs 26.15 pounds and stands about 33 inches tall. He wears size 24-month to 2T clothing, a size 7 shoe, and a size 5 diaper.

Here’s what I want to remember about this past month:

  • His eating habits have stayed the same. At least one good meal a day, and no problems with drinking milk. In fact, he seems to want even more milk than usual these days.
  • He loves beef jerky.
  • He takes one good nap a day, usually for 2-2.5 hours. He goes to sleep for the night around 7pm and he almost always wakes up around 5:30am. Grrr.
  • He still takes a paci for both naps and at night. He may be harder to wean off of it than his brother was. We shall see.
  • He is still not talking but he is extremely vocal and he understands a lot.
  • He knows where his nose, ears, eyes, hair, mouth, and dimples are.
  • He has started to tear some of his books apart, especially ones with flaps that flip up or down. I don’t remember Riley being that destructive with his books at this age.
  • He has also started to throw toys more often. And when I tell him “no,” he sticks his lower lip out and gets upset.
  • I sing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and “My Favorite Things” to him every night when I put him to bed.
  • He has become more interested in tv lately, although his attention wanders after 10 minutes or so. He likes Mickey, Doc McStuffins, and Scooby Doo.
  • When I attempt to get him to do something he doesn’t want to do, he has begun throwing himself onto the floor and crying for a bit. So dramatic. I ignore him and it usually doesn’t last long.
  • He LOVES playing outside and will often go stand by the door when he wants to go out. If I can’t take him out, he protests by whining and crying. If we do go out, he loves pushing his yellow dump truck around.
  • He loves walking/running down the sidewalk. If I try to turn him around or encourage him to go in a certain direction, he cries. But if I let him do what he wants, he’s all good.
  • He is such a sweet, sweet boy, and I love hearing him laugh, especially if it’s at something his brother is doing.

Twenty months old!


Friday, November 14, 2014

2014 SCR Oyster Festival

Let the big recap of Riley’s school fair begin! Settle in, people; this is a long one.


When Kenny got home from work last Friday night, we fed the boys dinner, packed up a few drinks, and headed to Riley’s school.


We didn’t go the first night last year, but it’s apparently the most well-attended portion of the fair. And it was easy to see why. Lots of people were out having a good time at the start of a weekend: the band was rocking, the oysters were charbroiling, and the rides were soaring.


We bit the bullet and bought Riley a “megaband,” which allowed him unlimited rides all weekend long. We weren’t sure the money would be worth it (especially once we realized he was a bit sick), but it ended up being money very well spent.






Towards the end of the night, Riley begged and begged for silly string, so Kenny and I relented and bought him a can (green, of course). He sprayed some of it and decided to save the rest for the next day. Smart kid.

IMG_7992 IMG_7993


Kenny took the boys home shortly after that, while I stayed to work the food tickets booth with Dana and Diana. We had a great time working and chatting and listening to Bag of Donuts play. Such a fun night.


Our first order of business the next day was Riley’s fair dance. After that, it was rides, rides, and more rides. This year was better since Riley had so many friends to run around with. He’s known some of these kids for more than a year now, and we’ve gotten to know some of their parents. The kids jumped from ride to ride, and the adults just followed along behind with our beers. Fun for everyone!





We took a break for lunch, much to Riley’s dismay, and to watch Alcee and Claire have their turns on the big stage. Riley occupied himself with his silly string while we waited for the girls to be finished.




Riley also suckered me into letting him play a fishing game to win a big blow-up Spideman, mostly because he had seen Colin carrying one around the night before. Success!



The weather was so nice all weekend long, and I loved being outside for so much of it. I even got to go on a few of the rides with my boy. This tall slide was my favorite.

DSC_4691 DSC_4693


IMG_8047 IMG_8048


And the little one? Not surprisingly, all he wanted to do was walk. While I stayed with Riley, Rory and Kenny would disappear for 20-minute increments now and then so he could walk up and down various ramps around campus. Happy as a clam.


DSC_4694 DSC_4698DSC_4706 DSC_4702


He finally crashed in my arms around 3:30 that afternoon. I held him for a bit then lay him in the stroller, where he slept for about 45 minutes. Then Kenny picked him up and he slept more in his arms. In fact, we couldn’t wake the child up very easily. He was beat after all that walking.

20141108_152321 IMG_805020141108_155617 IMG_8059


While Rory was sleeping, Riley hung out with Claire, Kolston, and Samuel. This was when Riley started to slow down, but he kept saying he wanted to stay and ride more rides. So we did. Then we took our new Spiderman home for a good night’s sleep all around.




Since we were all still pretty exhausted, we didn’t go back out to the fair on Sunday until after the Saints game was over. (Boo.) Riley was feeling much better after lots of rest, and he was excited to see his friends again. He spotted Alcee and Jack right away, and Claire showed up about an hour later. They all had fun getting in as many rides as they could before the end of the fair. Rory mostly played on the ramp by the ferris wheel, and he had his first taste of funnel cake.


DSC_4734 DSC_4735 DSC_4736




IMG_8075 IMG_8074






We stayed at the fair until after dark. The last thing we did was let Riley expend the rest of his silly string, while Rory walked around even more. Riley had some trouble pressing down on the top of the can but he eventually got the hang of it enough to decorate the ground. And himself.





We picked up dinner on the way home, fed and bathed the kids, and got them into bed. Riley didn’t have school the next day, and he ended up sleeping until 9am that morning. What a weekend.


Riley is already asking when he can go back to the fair, and I think he’s mighty disappointed he has to wait a whole year before it happens again. Hopefully the fact that Christmas is coming up will distract him enough.

Then again, that means I have lots to do. Yikes.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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