Friday, April 18, 2014

PK3 Easter Egg Hunt and Party

On Wednesday the two PK3 classes had an Easter egg hunt in the morning and an Easter party in the afternoon. It was quite the busy day for the kiddos.




Each student had to bring in a dozen filled plastic eggs, and I volunteered to help hide all of them before the kids were unleashed into the play yard. Three other moms were also there, so we were able to knock out the task fairly quickly. And then chaos ensued.


Each child had an empty egg carton to collect their eggs in, which prevented them from picking up more than their allotted twelve. Once they were done, they sat in a big group off to the side while the rest of their friends finished. And that was a great way to get a group picture once the last egg had been found!

IMG_5388 IMG_5390




How cute are they in their bunny ears??? So much fun. After the hunt, I left, went home to change and eat lunch, and then arrived back at school less than three hours later to find this:


The hunt (and the outside play afterwards) must have worn Riley-bean out because he woke up a little confused to see me kneeling over him. But he almost immediately asked about the Easter party, and all was well once he saw the three donut holes on his plate.




The students also had a very special surprise visitor: the Easter Bunny! He handed out treat bags to every kid. They loved seeing him and were so excited. Check out Riley’s ecstatic expression below. Thanks, Ms. Lisa, for capturing this!




The PK3 teachers were also so kind to personalize Easter buckets for all of the kids. While they were napping, their collected eggs were put into their very own bucket to take home.


Needless to say, this was a very fun party. A lot of parents were in attendance and the kids had a great time. And now there’s only one more party left for this school year. SO hard to believe.

As we were driving home, Riley said something about moving up to the big school next year but really missing seeing Ms. Amanda every day. I told him he could always go back and visit her if he wanted to but that I was sure he would love his PK4 teacher too. Such a sweet boy I have.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend, y’all!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Boys Rule

I went dress shopping last Sunday afternoon. We have some adult events coming up (shocking, I know), and since I have very little in my closet that fits me, Kenny graciously agreed to stay with the boys while I went off in search of something fancy to add to my wardrobe.


I struck out horribly at Loft but wasn’t discouraged enough not to try my luck at Macy’s. I brought no less than 15 dresses into the fitting room with me (slyly disregarding the sign stating there was a limit of 6), my left arm crying out in discomfort at having to support that much weight while I waited for a room to open up. (I had indentations from the hangers visible on my arm until late that night. It was bad.)


Finally a room opened up. I deposited the heavy load onto the rack, briefly surveyed what I had picked out, crossed my fingers that at least one of them would work out, and began the arduous process of trying on.


A few dresses in, I overheard a girl, who was obviously shopping for a prom dress, have an exchange with her mom. The dressing room area quickly filled with the sounds of her teenage angst: “OMG, but this one is so ugly. I can’t wear this. It’s so ugly!” (I’m paraphrasing here, but you get the idea.)

IMG_5286 IMG_5290IMG_5291 IMG_5287

A few minutes later, after being shown the repulsive dress and hearing a firm rejection of it, the mom came back in and asked her daughter if she had gotten dressed again yet. The girl asked why (in a voice absolutely laced with attitude), opened the door, and was presented with another option. “How about trying this one?”, the mom said. (Keep in mind that I am only hearing all of this from within my own dressing room. I didn’t see any of it.)

IMG_5252 IMG_5253

The girl outright turned it down in 1.2 seconds flat (“Ew, I don’t like that one either!). The mom held her ground, though, powerfully choosing to say nothing and just wait. The girl ended up saying, “Fiiiiine, I guess I’ll try it on for you.” She put the garment on and went out to the area where all of the husbands and dads and various other family members were waiting, wondering why they couldn’t be anywhere else on a Sunday afternoon than sitting on an uncomfortable couch in the women’s department of a Macy’s. The girl’s dad was apparently a part of that group because I heard him say, “That’s actually the best one you’ve tried all day!”


DSC_1254 DSC_1255


Sorry, dad, but that’s not the way to get your teenage daughter’s approval, by siding with her mother, the one who actually picked the dress out and deigned to present it to the ice princess.


The princess then stormed back into her dressing room, slammed the door, took off the offending frock, put her own clothes back on, and stormed out, slamming the door once again. Her dream of the perfect prom dress was not realized that day, but if she has anything to say about it, it WILL happen.


All the while, I listened to the exchange, calmly continuing to try my own selections on. But I had to shake my head and smile at what I heard. I smiled because I’m sure I went through a very similar situation with Nola at one point. I smiled because I know Erin will probably go through something like this with Kate one day. But what I smiled at the most…..the very first thing that popped into my head…..


….. was that I am SO glad I have two boys.


Oh, and by the way, three of those 15 dresses actually worked and are now hanging in my closet. Score.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Perpetuating the Pattern of Parties

Before I recap more recent events, here are a couple of pictures I forgot to post last week. Our adults only engagement party last Sunday went quite well. It was so good seeing lots of our friends and getting to spend time with people we don’t see all that often.  And check out the awesome LSU ice chest cake…..those are real bottles of High Life in there!

IMG_5254 IMAG2089

Congrats to Scott and Jacque; we can’t wait for August!

Okay, so we had two more birthdays to help celebrate last weekend, one for classmate Matthew at KidSports and one for Nathan at his house. It was quite an afternoon.

Because Matthew’s party started at 1 and Nathan’s started at 2, I knew we wouldn’t be able to stay at KidSports for very long. But I wanted Riley to go because I was sure he would love it. I was totally right. The wonk potatoes had an absolute blast running and crawling and climbing and sliding through the indoor adventure maze with his school friends. It really is a cool place.


IMG_5297 IMG_5300

Rory had lots of fun, too. The nice lady assigned to our party let Kenny take him into a flat part of the maze for a bit. Then she told us about another small area just for little ones, so Kenny took him down there for a bit too.


IMG_5307 IMG_5311IMG_5314 IMG_5316


We ended up staying for the whole allotted amount of play time, walked downstairs to the party room, gave Riley some fruit and let him sit with his friends for couple of minutes, and then we had to go. He missed out on cake but got a pack of his favorite gummies and a cake ball favor to take home.

IMG_5322 IMG_5325

Riley played so hard at Matthew’s party that he almost fell asleep in the car on the way to Nathan’s. But he perked up pretty fast at the sight of his other friends and the big bouncy set up in the front yard. He played some more while Rory crawled around and Kenny and I chatted with our friends.



The lego theme was super cute and all of the kids had a great time. Rory fell asleep in the car on the way home and woke up unhappy. We calmed him down, gave the boys a quick dinner and bath, and got them into their pj’s. Kenny put Rory to bed while I came out to sit with Riley while he watched some of Robots.

I was leaning forward looking at something on the computer when Kenny came out of Rory’s room. He caught my eye and pointed to Riley next to me.


He was sound asleep. While Robots was playing on the tv in front of him. At 6:30 in the evening, a full hour before his normal bedtime.

That’s definitely the mark of a super fun day.

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