Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Video Wednesday: Surprise!

Last Friday morning, the day after Riley graduated kindergarten, we gave the boys a big surprise: a trip to Disney World! I have been planning this since February and it was so much fun to finally be able to tell the boys. We have been there since Saturday and we come home today.


Riley almost instantly asked who was coming with us, and when I replied “just our family,” he responded with, “not Claire?” So typical. I was not shocked at all that was his reaction.




This trip is why you haven’t seen any kindergarten end-of-year updates, but I promise they are coming, as well as a recap of our time with the mouse. Hang tight, people, and in the meantime, please enjoy this video I took when we told the boys we were going to Disney.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Ten Things

1. Helping Mama pick out a hat for Jazz Fest, cousin Darth Vaders, cutie pie Luke, and a brothers snake choo-choo train before school one morning.

IMG_7830 IMG_8084IMG_8130 IMG_8234

2. Our hibiscus plants in the backyard are gorgeous right now!


And I saw some really cool clouds on the way to bring Riley to school recently. It was a really long trail that I wish I had captured in its entirety before it moved on.



3. Boys being silly before bed one night.

20160430_194516 IMG_8208

4. Rory’s new favorite position to watch tv. Not so comfortable for us though.

IMG_8180 IMG_8181


5. Claire and Colin came over to play after school one day, and we met the whole family for a Mexican dinner another night. Lots of fun, although Riley and Claire are getting increasingly difficult to pry apart at the night’s end.






6. Quality time with my boys while Kenny was out of town for a few days at a conference at the beginning of May.



7. Cinco de Mayo celebration at Jazzercise! So much fun.

IMG_8213 IMG_5057IMG_8215 IMG_8217

8. Also on Cinco de Mayo, we welcomed a new member of our family: Car finally had Asher! He’s SO cute and looks just like Cubbie.




9. Rory proudly displaying his new “potty trucks” after a trip to Toys ‘R Us (he’s fully trained now!), Riley the Ninja Warrior, Rory’s crazy hair don’t care after nap one day, and a random Sleepy Sprout.

IMG_8473 IMG_8474IMG_8480 IMG_8490

10. Rory’s obsession with construction equipment continues: we now have to drive by the grocery store every chance we get, so Rory can see the machines at work improving their parking lot.


And of course he still loves seeing the machines behind our house. We’ve even been able to see a few micka-makers pouring concrete recently, which he loved. The new walking path is really starting to take shape!




Thursday, May 19, 2016

School Days: Last Day of Kindergarten {Riley}

Today is Riley’s very last day of kindergarten. His closing ceremony is at 10:30am and then he’s done. I can’t believe how much he has changed this year.


The shirt’s a little less white, the shoes have seen better days, and his legs are a lot longer. But he still squints when he smiles.

He’s grown a lot, physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. He learned so much in kindergarten. His handwriting improved drastically, he’s a really good speller, he does well in math, and he’s reading. What a year.

I can only imagine what he’ll learn in first grade.

Lots of updates on his final nine weeks of kindergarten and his “graduation” coming up soon!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Tooth Fairy in the House!

The day before Mother’s Day (May 7), while we were at the zoo, Riley lost his first tooth. His two bottom front teeth got looser and looser ever since Pam noticed they were loose at Riley’s last dentist appointment. And all it took was a popsicle for one of them to come out.


Riley didn’t even notice what had happened. He finished his popsicle and went over to see the zoo’s peacock. I followed him and asked him to turn around and smile for a picture. That’s when I noticed a gap in his mouth and a bit of blood. I couldn’t believe it. My boy lost his first tooth!



Unfortunately, the tooth either fell on the ground somewhere at the zoo (we looked but not surprisingly didn’t find it) or Riley swallowed it. Assuming it was the latter, I did attempt to recover it a couple of days later but was unsuccessful. No need to go into more details on that except for this: gross.


We reassured Riley that the Tooth Fairy accepted written notes and went on with our day. That evening, before going to bed, Riley sat down to write his note explaining what happened with his first lost tooth. He did a great job. The picture is of a fire machine that took his tooth out of his mouth and put it in a circle of green “lite.” Obviously.



We put the note under his pillow and he was so happy to discover $2 in its place in the morning. The Tooth Fairy even left behind some purple pixie dust on the money she gave him. So sparkly and magical!


Four days later, on Thursday, May 12, Riley climbed into the car after school with a sticker on his shirt and a ziploc bag in his hand. His other loose tooth fell out earlier that day. Apparently he was goofing off in line for the bathroom and the door hit him in the mouth and popped the other tooth out. He spit it into his hand and carried it back to his classroom, where Allison put it in a ziploc for him to take home. Wonk potatoes.


We put the tooth under his pillow that night and the Tooth Fairy delivered another $2 (yes, covered with more purple pixie dust). He doesn’t have any other loose teeth at the moment, but I’m sure he’ll have even more gaps in his mouth soon.

My boy is growing up, whether I like it or not.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Mother’s Day Weekend

Mother’s Day weekend was so very nice. We spent Saturday morning with Grandma at the zoo. It was so pretty out, and we were all excited to see the new orangutan and elephant exhibits. They turned out great, and it will be really cool to look in on the elephants while we’re at the Cool Zoo this summer. Oh, and we also got to help feed the otters in the swamp exhibit! Rory loved doing that.



IMG_8333 IMG_8349



The only bad part of the morning was when Riley climbed his favorite tree and got stung on his chest by a caterpillar. He cried pretty hard, but we got some ice, which helped. He was pretty tough; it actually left quite a mark, which is still there.


A treat also helped: Grandma bought the boys popsicles, which they enjoyed right before we left. (In fact, something unexpected happened when they were eating them, but I’ll tell y’all about that tomorrow.) We picked up lunch, ate at home, and then Kenny took the boys to Grandma’s house to help her with a project.





They got back pretty late, on account of making a stop at Whole Foods. After we got the kids into bed, Kenny cooked me a wonderful dinner: maple mustard salmon with bacon and grilled asparagus. So yummy. Thanks, Baby!



The next morning, Riley was very excited to give me the present he made for me at school. It’s a tile with his handprint on it and a quote that says “A child’s hand touches a mother’s heart.” Both boys also collaborated on a card for me, and Kenny made crunchy French toast with salted caramel sauce and bacon for breakfast. All so very sweet and much appreciated.



Kenny took the boys on a long walk later that morning, while I went to pick up Nola. We went shopping for a couple of hours at DSW and Loft. So fun! Then everyone came together at Nola and Nopsi’s house for a wonderful Mother’s Day Sunday dinner that the boys made for us. And I got my new favorite picture: Nola with all of her grandkids. Love it.



Rory also wished everyone a Happy Mother’s Day. So darn cute.

My boys made me feel very special all weekend long, and I thank them for that. I’m very lucky to be their mama, and I’m so glad I’m on this parenthood journey with you, Kenny. I love you all!

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