Thursday, February 28, 2013

Second Twirl Photo Shoot

As you saw last Thursday, Kenny, Riley, and I had our second family photo shoot with Jennifer of Twirl Photography on February 16 in City Park. Here are some lots of the official shots!




Twirl_Riley_007 Twirl_Riley_010


Twirl_Riley_013 Twirl_Riley_014


Twirl_Riley_030 Twirl_Riley_032





Twirl_Riley_045 Twirl_Riley_046


Twirl_Riley_050 Twirl_Riley_051




Twirl_Riley_062 Twirl_Riley_064




Thanks so much, Jennifer; we will treasure these pictures forever!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Colorful Mess

When QP and Riley disappear upstairs during one of their TWQP sessions, I never know what I’ll find when I wander up there after she leaves. They’ve usually pulled a plethora of toys out of his bins and strewn them around the room, obvious proof of some good playtime.

DSC_0647 DSC_0651

Last Thursday, QP got here at her normal time, and she was shortly followed by Nola, Ita, and Jenn. When I heard the boy screeching with glee I decided to go investigate.

DSC_0653 DSC_0655


QP had pulled out the big bin of foam blocks and pom pom balls leftover from Riley’s first birthday party and the boy was having a grand time running through and sitting/laying in the colorful pile in the middle of his room.


DSC_0658 DSC_0659

So much fun, in fact, that I hauled my pregnant self down the stairs and back up again so I could get my camera and take pics of my boy enjoying himself.


I tell you what, those foam shapes and pom poms have certainly been easy (and cheap….hello, dollar bins at Target) entertainment for the boy ever since his first birthday. He even cleaned it all up without much complaint (and with some help).


Although I am quite certain I’ll find a few strays hiding under his bed the next time we decide to change his room around.

Oh, well; that’s a very small price to pay for a morning of colorful fun.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Riley and Ita

Last week was Ita’s winter break, so she and Jenn drove down on Monday to spend a few days in New Orleans. We saw them three days in a row, which Riley just loved.

We ate a lot (dinner at Nola and Nopsi’s on Tuesday night, lunch at Gott Gourmet and dinner at Zea on Wednesday, and lunch from Pho Bang on Thursday), we played a lot (including bouncing at Target before dinner at Zea), and we bonded a lot.

Here are a few pictures Ita took with her phone throughout the week.





IMG_1820 IMG_1822IMG_1823 IMG_1821


Thanks for coming to visit us, Jenn and Ita. Please come back soon!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Video Monday: Baby Kate

I have two videos to share today, but both are centered around my sweet goddaughter. We’ve seen a lot of her lately, and I can’t believe how big (or how chunky!) she’s gotten. Remember Riley’s chubby legs? Yeah, well, Kate’s are at least twice that size.

In the first, her crazy cousin is trying to make her laugh…..

And in the other, Nopsi succeeds in making her laugh with a little help from the big orange kitty.

Happy Monday!

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Quotable Riley-bean, Part Four

January 15: Wanna watch Mickey? (Me: We can’t watch Mickey right now, Buddy. The TV is broken.) Riley will fix it! Where’s the switch?


January 16: Giraffey-raffe’s all kiddywhompus, Mama! (Me: Why?) Because the Mickey ball hit him so loud.


February 6: Giraffey-raffe’s hungry. (QP: What should we feed him?) A bologna sandwich! (pauses and then says sadly) Pas de bouche. (which is French for “not in the mouth”)



February 8: Hey Mama. (turning on his worklight and lifting up my shirt to expose my belly) We gotta see what’s going on in there. (Me: What’s going on?) He’s not moving. (Me: But Sprout is moving, Buddy. Maybe he saw you shining the light!) No, I don’t think so. He’s not.


February 10: (while looking at a stuffed fish he caught at Mardi Gras) This fish can’t swim. (Me: I don’t know, Bud, I thought all fish could swim.) No, he can’t. (Me: Well, why not?) Because the water’s not good.


February 12: Giraffey-raffe’s not feeling good. (Me: Oh, I’m sorry Buddy.) We need to give him pink medicine! (which took when he was sick, and he’s recently decided that a stuffed pink snake he caught at a Mardi Gras parade is giraffe’s pink medicine)


February 13: (while in Target shopping for a birthday present) Do you want that big green garbage truck down there? Yes you do! (Me: No, Buddy, we’re not getting that.) Why? (Me: Because I said no.) *sigh* You always do.



February 14: Here, Mama, have these two Cheerios. (Me: Oh, thank you, Buddy.) And this Cheerio is for Sprout. (lifting up my shirt and attempting to put the Cheerio in my belly button) Here, Sprouty-Sprout. It’s the biggest Cheerio of all. Do you want it? Yes, you do! Go ahead.


February 18: It tastes like slicky-golk! (Me: What does slicky-golk taste like?) Melon!


Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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