Thursday, June 25, 2009

LSU Wins!!!

GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!! In an impressive performance in the final game of the College World Series, LSU nabbed their sixth national title in baseball, their first in a long nine years. I'm still not a big fan of the game, but I admit I did thoroughly enjoy watching the final series the past few nights. Both our players and our fans have such passion it's hard not to get caught up in it. Now it's time to switch gears and get ready for some football. LSU's 2009 season kicks off on September 5!

Father's Day Dinner for 15

Three families gathered at my parents' house this past Sunday for Father's Day dinner. Ken's parents, Steve, Jaimi, and Zac, Erin's parents, my grandparents, and QP all came over to celebrate Dad Day. We had a fabulous dinner followed by three great desserts, with good conversation mixed in throughout. Happy Father's Day to all of the dads out there!

While Dad relaxes on the back deck outside.....

.....the rest of us slave away in the kitchen! Oh, and Doug just lays on the ground and looks cute.

Kenny and me

Lots of family, all in one place

Kenny goofing around with Zac

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Baby Bunnies in the Backyard!

Kenny was cutting the grass in our backyard today and suddenly noticed a puff of fur fly up from underneath the lawnmower on one of his passes. Upon further investigation, he came inside to get me so I could see what he discovered. We have a very small hill in one little area in our backyard, and the adult rabbits we see very frequently back there made good use of it recently. They dug a little hole into the hill and packed at least two baby bunnies into it and covered them with lots of soft fur stuffing, which is what flew up into Ken's face. No worries; the bunnies were unharmed by the lawnmower. Here are some pics of the little guys....I didn't want to touch them for fear that the adults would abandon them, so the pics aren't too great. They're really small and cute, though!

Beer, Baseball, and Crabs

Since the College World Series started this year in Omaha, Kenny has been tuned in to ESPN 2 whenever he can. And while I am not a huge fan of baseball, I do love to watch my Tigers play. They played their third game of the series yesterday and easily beat Arkansas to move into the finals. After they finished playing, Texas took on Arizona State for the other spot in the final games. Kenny had picked up boiled crabs and shrimp from Rouse's on his way home so we had that for dinner while we watched the second game. We were hoping ASU would hang on to win and force a second game, but Texas just barely came out on top. So it will be the Tigers versus the Longhorns in game one of the finals on Monday evening. GEAUX TIGERS!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Daphne Visit

Bridget, Karen, and I drove over to Daphne last weekend to visit Michelle and David and to meet their newest addition, Jackson! It was an easy drive (especially since Karen did it!), and we had a nice, relaxing afternoon (including awesome wraps for lunch from New Orleans native Will Hughes, who owns a deli and catering place in Daphne) hanging out at Michelle's house. Jackson is so cute and tiny! Here are some pics from our time there. So glad I finally got to meet the little one!

Molly attempting to sweet talk David or Michelle into reading to her

Molly and me
Bridget with Jackson

Karen and Molly

Can you believe they're only a month apart??

Monday, June 8, 2009

Cousin Wedding, Part Two

So, I decided to wear the black and white dress to the wedding on Saturday. I really thought I was going to go with the pink, but I actually ended up taking it back to Target today! Oh, well. The wedding was in a gigantic church in Jonesboro, and it was a very nice ceremony. The reception afterwards was in the church's fellowship hall, which they had decorated so cute with lanterns, lights, and candles.

Brian had a hard time keeping it together when he saw Rachel coming down the aisle!

They're married!

My mom with her siblings and significant others

The reception hall

Yummy cakes and beautiful flowers

The happy couple

Once things wound down at the church, my family went back to Memphis to a place called Tug's Bar in a really cute area of town for pre-dinner drinks (and we caught the LSU baseball game on TV). Then it was back to the hotel to change for our casual dinner at Kooky Canuck's downtown. It was a great last day for us all to be together!

Kenny and me at Tug's

The whole group at Kooky Canuck's

My newly married cousin and me

Congratulations, Brian and Rachel! May you have a wonderfully happy marriage!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cousin Wedding, Part One

This weekend was my cousin Brian's wedding in Arkansas. Kenny and I left Lafayette on Thursday and drove to Jackson, Miss., so we didn't have to do the full drive in one day. It was also a great excuse for us to have dinner at the Bulldog in Jackson, which we had never been to before. Jeff and Erin met us there, and once we managed to snag a table, we had a great night!

Dinner at the Jackson Bulldog

The next morning the four of us finished the drive up to Memphis, which is where we all stayed throughout the weekend. The actual wedding festivities were in Jonesboro, Arkansas, but Brian decided we would have a better time staying in Memphis. Once we got into town, we checked into our room at the Doubletree downtown and then met up with the rest of my family at the TGI Friday's in the hotel lobby for a late lunch.

Mom and QP

Lunch at Friday's on Friday

Friday evening was the rehearsal dinner at the Whole Hog Cafe in Jonesboro. It was a very nice, relaxing couple of hours, for everyone except Brian. He was extremely nervous about his big day! The night went really well, though, and after we got back to Memphis, most of us gathered in the Friday's bar for a drink before we headed over to Beale Street. It was a fun night.....more on the wedding later!

Kenny and me before the rehearsal dinner

The room at the Whole Hog Cafe

The bride and groom!

Cousins and significant others

QP and Aunt Elena @ Friday's

Beale Street, downtown Memphis
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