Monday, January 18, 2010

Big News

Kenny and I found out a few weeks ago some pretty big news that will most definitely change our lives in a good way. We are expecting our first little one at the end of August! We found out just before Christmas and shared the good news with our families on Christmas Day. Needless to say, everyone was very excited. Kenny's parents already have grandkids, three times over, but this will be my parents' first introduction to a new generation. They are already trying to come up with fun and different names for themselves.

I am about 9 weeks along and am feeling okay. The very first symptom to appear (it showed up quite early and has lingered) were incredibly sore ta-ta's. Oh my. I have also been experiencing nausea since about 6 weeks. No quick trips to the bathroom yet, but I just feel yucky. And tired! Man am I tired. ALL the time. I am very glad I'm not working right now since I'm not sure how I'd get through it. Growing a kid seems to take a lot out of a girl.

These early symptoms have started to dissipate a bit, and I'm hoping it all goes away once I hit the second trimester in a few weeks. I have not had any weird cravings yet, but I will say that food just doesn't appeal to me like it usually does. I have trouble deciding what to put into my stomach, but I know keeping SOMETHING in there is important to combat the nausea.

Kenny has been wonderful with taking care of me. I had some minor issues earlier on, and my doctor told me to "take it easy." This consists of being a couch potato and keeping my feet up as much as I can, which is not too hard because of the way I've been feeling. So Ken has had to do all of the cooking lately. He's been so great, but I really hope I start to feel better soon so I can do more around the house! A load of laundry every few days has been all I can manage.

So that's our big news. We are very excited and just a little bit scared at this new addition to our family. August seems like so far away, but I know it will be here before we know it!

If anyone has any advice for us while we are on this journey, please share!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Erin and Jeff: Wedding

Since I was actually in the wedding party, I have no pictures from the church. But who wants to see those anyway? Get us to the reception!


Erin and Jeff’s reception was held in City Park at the Pavilion of the Two Sisters, a very pretty place for this kind of party. The Bucktown All-Stars rocked the stage with great sounds all night long. The bride and groom certainly looked like they were having the time of their lives on the dance floor, surrounded by their close family and friends. It was such a fun night, and, as always, it seemed to go by way too quickly.

IMG_1442IMG_1460IMG_1455IMG_1468 IMG_1484IMG_1478IMG_1512    IMG_1491IMG_1490IMG_1497IMG_1552IMG_1559IMG_1583 IMG_1611IMG_1613IMG_1662IMG_1654

After a slight delay, the happy couple is in St. Lucia right now on their honeymoon. They come back on Tuesday and then it’s back to reality. The wedding festivities were great fun for Kenny and me, and we feel honored to have been a part of it. Thanks for including us, Erin and Jeff! We love you both. Congratulations on the beginning of your new life together!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Erin: Wedding Day Primping

Erin and Jeff’s big day finally arrived last Saturday, and the female half of the wedding party gathered at her parents’ house in Slidell to pass the day. Erin was very relaxed; she just seemed excited about finally getting married!


We listened to old school 90’s music, snacked on finger sandwiches and mini muffalettas, gossiped, and, of course, primped (thanks in large part to Jessica, with Just Face It Beauty). When the photographers got to the house around 4:30, the bridesmaids trooped upstairs to get dressed and officially ready for pictures. We then helped Erin put on her dress, shoes (they were blue!), and jewels.


And of course the photographer decided that the best places for  pictures would be outside……on the coldest weekend of the winter. Anything for the bride, though! We braved the chill in our sleeveless dresses, then piled into the limo for the drive to the church. Wedding, here we come!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Erin and Jeff: Pre-wedding Party

Before Kenny’s and my wedding two years ago, my aunt and uncle graciously hosted a party at their place in the Quarter for our out-of-town family the night before the wedding. For Erin and Jeff, my parents hosted a family party at their house last Friday night. Cold weather outside, warm and cozy inside, lots of family and friends, and tons of delicious food, including 400 charbroiled oysters from Drago’s.

IMG_1311  IMG_1310IMG_1328IMG_1320IMG_1335

After the relaxing tea earlier, the party was a great casual way to end the day. Erin and Jeff headed their separate ways, her to her parents’ and he to their house, not to see each other until the big walk down the aisle. More posts on the actual wedding day coming up soon!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Erin: Bridal Tea

Last Friday morning Erin and her mom hosted a tea for the bridesmaids, grandmothers, and a few other female relatives at the English Tea Room in Covington. The place was so charming, and it was a lovely way to spend a couple of hours the day before the wedding. And the queen even made an appearance at the end…..she had to get into a picture with us in our new embroidered robes from the bride!

IMG_1280IMG_1285IMG_1281IMG_1284 IMG_1290IMG_1291IMG_1293

After the tea, Mom, Grams, QP, and I headed back to the southshore to rest up before the family party that night. More updates to come!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Erin and Jeff: Rehearsal and Dinner

Kenny and I were in New Orleans this past weekend from Thursday until Sunday for my little brother’s wedding festivities. The first big event was the rehearsal (at St. Dominic’s Church in Lakeview) and the dinner afterwards (at La Petite Grocery on Magazine) on Thursday night. IMG_1120IMG_1144IMG_1160IMG_1174IMG_1175IMG_1185

It was a great night, although a bit cold. Luckily we were inside most of the time, but unfortunately the freezing temps stayed around the rest of the weekend. I don’t think Jeff and Erin intentionally chose the coldest weekend of winter to get married, but that’s what they got!

IMG_1194 IMG_1212IMG_1213IMG_1219IMG_1260IMG_1266

More posts to come about the bridal tea, family party, and, of course, the wedding!

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