Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wedding Attire Options

My cousin's wedding is this weekend in Arkansas, and I currently have two dress options. See the pic below and let me know if you have an opinion on what I should wear!

GTO @ The Filling Station

Kenny and I went to hear his co-worker's band, GTO and the D Street Brass Band, play at the Filling Station downtown on Friday night. We met there right after work (with me working 2 extra hours....on a Friday, no less! Such is my life these days.) and got some dinner and drinks while we waited for the guys to start playing. My officemate Gabrielle and her husband Tommy came out to join us, as did Kenny's co-worker Henry and his wife Sandy. It was a great night to sit outside in downtown Lafayette, and, as always, GTO sounded great! We only wish they were able to play for longer!

The only bummer about the night was that I somehow managed to lose my very nice Costa del Mar sunglasses. They were perched on top of my head for most of the night, and at some point I realized they weren't there anymore. I figured I must have left them in the bathroom, but no luck when I went to check, and no one turned them into lost and found, either. I guess someone in Lafayette "acquired" a great pair of sunglasses on Friday night. Rats! Such a silly thing to do, and I'm still mad at myself two days later. But, Kenny's already got a call into his friend that can get us a great deal on Costas, so I'll hopefully have a new pair soon. :)

Sittin' outside at the Filling Station

See? Sunglasses, check.

My friend Ken Courville, lead singer of GTO

Tommy and Gabrielle

Kenny and me, sans sunglasses...where are they???

Thursday, May 28, 2009

NOWFE, Greek Fest, and Mockbine: All in One Weekend!

Kenny and I spent Memorial Day Weekend in New Orleans, and we managed to cram a lot of events into three days! We got into town on Friday evening, picked up Pho Bang for dinner, and headed to my parents' house to hang with Jeff and Erin (and Doug!) and to watch the LSU baseball game. LSU beat Georgia and ended up winning the entire SEC Tournament. (They play again tomorrow....GEAUX TIGERS!)

The next morning, Kenny and I went to visit Karen, Jeff, Molly, and their newest family addition, Nathan. It was so great to see all of them, and to finally meet Nathan. He is so cute!

After leaving Lakeview we met up with lots of family and friends at the Superdome for the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience (NOWFE). As always, it was a fantastic afternoon. Lots of great wine from all over the world, and lots of great food from right in our hometown.

And I didn't think I would make it, but we hopped over to Greek Fest after NOWFE was over. It was actually a great evening to sit outside, and the fabulous Greek food sure didn't hurt!

The next morning was the 2nd Annual Mockbine competition between all of the guys. It sure was fun watching all of my male friends run around and attempt to do things just like they did when they were 10 years younger! Case and point: Kenny tore his hamstring muscle during the third event! I was actually worried for him, but he's doing okay now. Aside from the injury, it was a nice afternoon watching their antics, and I even got to visit my grandparents since they live close to where the Mockbine was held this year.

Not much going on for us this coming weekend, but after that, stay tuned for lots of fun posts!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Frequent Backyard Visitor

Kenny and I have seen numerous types of creatures around (and sometimes in!) our house, but this one, although cute, is quite a pest. He digs lots of unwanted holes in the backyard and our front gardens! Can you spot him in the picture below?

Update: I was able to get a better pic one morning when I spotted him before I left for work!

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Weekend at Home

For the first time in a long time, Kenny and I had absolutely no set plans this past weekend. It was glorious! We usually have so much going on that our weekends don't really feel like breaks. Not so the past two days. We worked in the front gardens, washed our cars, put a new gate up, and relaxed. We also went to see two movies, Star Trek and Angels and Demons. Both were very good; the two of us liked them lots. I had actually read Angels and Demons before reading The Da Vinci Code (both by Dan Brown), but they made The DVC movie first. I liked the A&D book better, but I think they did an excellent job making both movies. (Follow all of that?) Tom Hanks played the character of Robert Langdon better in A&D, in my opinion. He was a bit more personable and quite funny in moments!

It was a great weekend, and just what we needed before things get crazy hectic again! New Orleans this coming weekend, Arkansas the first weekend in June, possibly Alabama the next weekend, and then maybe back to NOLA after that. It never ends, but it sure is a fun ride.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Visit from Ken's Sister

Kenny's sister Debbie, who lives in California, owns a rental property in Baton Rouge. Her property was damaged in Hurricane Gustav last September, so she's had to make a couple of trips down here to talk with contractors and inspectors. She came into town on Tuesday night and decided she would drive over on Thursday to see our house and stay the night. I made the maple-mustard pork tenderloin with potatoes and asparagus for dinner, and the three of us sat talking around the dinner table until almost midnight. It was so great to see Debbie and catch up on everything she and her family have been up to lately. Now Kenny and I really need to take a trip out to see them!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mom Day!

I was able to spend this year's Mother's Day in Houston with my mom, while Kenny went to Mandeville to be with his mom. We both had great weekends! Mom and Dad hosted a small neighborhood fajita dinner on Friday night, the Art Car Parade was Saturday, and we had a quiet pizza dinner just the three of us on Saturday night in front of "Frost/Nixon" (which was great). Then on Sunday I went with Mom to church and then we met Dad for brunch in Rice Village at a great little place called Benjy's. We had a wonderful meal to cap off a super weekend! Happy Mother's Day, Mom; I love you lots!

Houston Art Car Parade

I was in Houston this past weekend to be with my mom for Mother's Day, and it just so happened the Art Car Parade was on Saturday. I had seen lots of pictures of the parade but had never been in person before, so the three of us decided to go check out this year's entries. And although it was pretty hot out there, Mom, Dad, and I had lots of fun walking up and down the street looking at all of the crazy vehicles and the people that went with them.

Let the games begin!

It's apparently all about the love. Creepy love, but love just the same.

Mom and I trying to stay cool in the bright sun!

Steve's Birthday Celebration

I don't know how it happened, but I completely forgot to post pics from Steve's birthday celebration in Baton Rouge! I just found the pics on my camera a couple of days ago, although the party was on April 19. We boiled a sack of crawfish for a late lunch, and it was an absolutely beautiful day to be outside. Here are some memories from the day!

Zac was very excited about the crawfish!

Kenny and his parents

Such a beautiful sight

Their very own boil setups!

Rock Band to round out the day!

In case you were wondering, this is ZAC's guitar.

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