Thursday, February 25, 2010

Annual Breckenridge Ski Trip: Friends

The second part of our week in Colorado was spent with friends: Jeff, Erin, Trisha, Doug, Jay and Katie. We moved into a townhouse further down the mountain, and I continued my resting and watching the Olympics routine. I’m actually quite well versed in the sport of curling now, as that’s mostly what was on in the middle of the day. Too bad Team USA couldn’t get it done!


We continued to get great snowfall overnight, which meant awesome powder for the skiers in the mornings. The guys went off to conquer blues while the girls stuck to the easier and more manageable greens. And I got status reports from everyone when they all met back up at the house for lunches and dinners.


We also (sort of) made a new friend: a fox (or two or three) prowled around outside the complex most of the time we were there. Kenny said he’s used to seeing lots of foxes and other wildlife when he skis Peak 7, but this was my first sighting. I finally captured her (him?) on my camera one afternoon when I was sitting outside with some of the boys while they were soaking their aching muscles in the hot tub after a hard day of skiing (and while Erin played on the jungle gym in the backyard). The fox never got really close, but we could tell she (he?) was really pretty. 


So the last ski day came around on Friday, and I couldn’t take it anymore. Well, I actually debated for a long time but finally decided to go for it. Erin and Trisha didn’t want to go back out in the afternoon, so I borrowed Erin’s boots and skis and went out with the boys. I was VERY careful and only did 3 very easy green runs. It felt so great to be out there, though, even if it was only for a couple of hours!


This year we all decided to stay an extra day but not ski. So after our traditional dinner out on Friday night, we had a lazy morning and then walked into town to sightsee and window shop. And of course I had to get just one more crepe! The smell was just too much for the rest of the group, so I wasn’t the only one enjoying the French goodness.


It was certainly a great trip, but I was ready to be home when the time came to leave. I’m glad we went for a longer amount of time this year, especially since it was probably our last trip out there for awhile because of the bambino. But who knows? We may really need the break next year and decide to drop the kid off in Houston! Mom has already said she’s prepared for that. :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Annual Breckenridge Ski Trip: Family

Last week Kenny and I were in Breckenridge, CO for our annual ski trip. This year we actually combined two trips into one: the first half of the week we were with his family and the second half we met up with some friends.


On my doctor’s orders, I stayed back at the house resting and watching the Olympics while all of the skiers hit the slopes. The change of scenery was extremely nice, though: I loved being able to look out of the windows and see the snow falling!


We were there over Mardi Gras, and we certainly weren’t the only New Orleanians escaping the Carnival craziness! Kenny wore his LSU ski hat and got lots of “Geaux Tigers!” and “Who Dat!” on the slopes. But that doesn’t mean we completely forgot about Fat Tuesday at 10,000 feet: we made our own kingcakes!


I did get out of the house for a couple of trips to town the first part of the week, which was great. We walked around, tasted some of the newly fallen snow, window shopped, and (my favorite part) got fresh made-to-order crepes. Delicious!

IMG_2038IMG_2039IMG_2037 IMG_2047IMG_2045IMG_2051

We had a great time with family (thanks, Mom and Dad S!), and then it was time to shift gears and switch houses for the friends trip. More on that later!

2010-02  Breckenridge  6729Ch

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


They did it. They actually DID it! It only took 43 years, but the New Orleans Saints can now officially call themselves Super Bowl Champions. What an incredible, unbelievable, awesome game.


Kenny and I decided we had to be in New Orleans to see it. So, we joined 50 others at our friend Scott’s uptown house for a “block party” celebration that started early and ended late. The game was projected onto a screen strung up between two of the front porch columns, so we all plopped into our tailgate chairs and watched it in the street.


Needless to say, everyone had an fantastic time. Thanks, Scott, for hosting. You throw one heck of a party!

I still can’t really believe that they won. We almost went back in for the big Saints parade in downtown New Orleans yesterday, but we decided not to. Luckily, CST carried coverage of it, so we got to watch it and see all of the champion players, coaches, and staff. Bless you boys! You did it!

Monday, February 8, 2010

12 Weeks

I had my second OB appointment with my doc last week and she said everything looks good! We got to listen to the heartbeat again through a handheld Doppler. So cool. The heartrate was 165 and sounded very strong. Doc said that I had lost a couple of pounds since my last appt, but she didn't seem too worried. While it's getting better, I'm still having trouble finding things to eat that sound good to me. But I am still taking my prenatal vitamin religiously, so the nutrients the baby needs are getting there. My blood pressure was a little higher than last time but still normal, so I'm all good there too. 

The nausea still seems to be dissipating, but I still have a slightly bad day every now and then. I'm still feeling tired a lot of the time, so I'm continuing to take it easy. I'm basically just waiting for that boost of energy I hear can accompany the start of the second trimester! 

A couple of other symptoms: I've started to get headaches very recently, which I've read is common. Nothing too horrible, just more annoying since they don't seem to go away very easily. The other thing is dreams. I usually remember my dreams, and they're usually pretty strange, but the ones I've been having lately are bizarre. Some examples:

     1. Chris Paul (star point guard for the Hornets) was in my parents' kitchen in New Orleans, teaching my dad how to saute onions.
     2. I was attempting to join a secret society but had to write a really long essay surrounded by other would-be members in a huge, dark hall in order to be considered.
     3. I was next in line to be tortured (nice, huh?) but managed to get my torturer to cry on my shoulder about how bad his job was instead of him hurting me.

I'm afraid of what I'll dream about next! 

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Annual Farm Trip

This past weekend was our annual camping trip to Kenny’s family farm in Hackley, LA. They have about 150 acres on which they raise a small group of cattle for meat, and we love going up there once a year with our friends for a fun weekend.


Because of the time of year we usually go, it’s often quite cold. This year was no exception, but at least it wasn’t the coldest we’ve ever experienced up there. And while I normally sleep in a tent near the campsite, I decided that being pregnant this trip justified sleeping in the warm cabin both nights instead. :)

18475_889800166405_23444744_51137359_3168385_n18475_889799812115_23444744_51137337_7686591_n18475_889801149435_23444744_51137411_7309430_n                       A seat right in front of the fire was the warmest place to be!

Speaking of pregnancy, my nausea was virtually non-existent the whole time we were there. I was really worried I’d be miserable the entire weekend, but it was all for naught. Thank goodness, since I love all of the food we eat up there. Anything cooked over a campfire just tastes so much better, especially breakfast!

18475_889798290165_23444744_51137220_5161051_n Doesn’t everything look delicious???

Kenny’s birthday also happened to fall on our farm weekend, so I made him a cake that we had after lunch on Saturday. I think he really enjoys celebrating up there; he’s completely in his element tending to the fire, cooking meals, driving the tractor, etc. Happy Birthday, Baby! Hope it was a good one for you. :)


Another successful trip to the farm accomplished. I’m not sure what will happen next year since we’ll have the baby. I’m thinking I’ll stay home while Ken goes off to play in the woods!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Look Out Miami....

The Saints are coming to town! Wow, I still can't really believe it. The Saints are in the Superbowl. The SUPERBOWL. When that ball sailed through the uprights at the end of the NFC Championship Game at the Dome on January 24, the entire state of Louisiana erupted at once. This is what we have been waiting for, this is what we have been dreaming of, this is our paradise.
I wish Kenny and I had been in New Orleans for the championship game, but we were at home. We heard many reports of screaming, horn honking, firework shooting, and general ecstatic mayhem throughout the Big Easy after we won. It's this kind of thing that can bring a city together, and it's all any Louisiana native can talk about these days.
Who knows what will happen come Sunday, but our boys will be there. Win or lose, we will finally BE there.
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