Saturday, October 30, 2010

Two Months

 IMG_0013 IMG_0026

Two months! I am already so sad because Riley is growing WAY too fast……looking back at pictures from when we were still in the hospital he looks so little compared to now! And he continues to change so much every day. I’m trying to savor all of it (even his fussy times) because I know his childhood is going to go by so fast.  

Riley had his two-month appointment with Dr. B last Friday morning. Here are his official stats:

  • Weight: 12lbs 6oz
  • Length: 23 inches
  • Head circumference: 15 inches

Dr. B said he is growing very nicely, and everything else checked out great, too (normal temperature, limb movement, and ear/mouth exams). His collarbone isn’t a factor at all anymore!

IMG_0017 IMG_0023  Hanging with Nurse Amy and Dr. B

Riley also got three shots at this appointment: a combo one for DTap (diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis), hepatitis B, and polio; one for Hib (haemophilius influenza type b); and one for pneumococcal meningitis. He also received the rotavirus vaccine orally. Amy was so quick giving him the shots that he only cried for a little bit and settled down pretty quickly after it was all over. We were so proud of him!

IMG_0029Right after his shots :( 

IMG_0031All better three minutes later!

Here are some things of note from Riley’s second month:

  • He’s still a pretty good eater, taking 3.5 ounces or more at most feedings. He’s also more active when he eats during the day now, too: really waving his arms around and turning his head from side to side. The good news is that he doesn’t get the hiccups nearly as much as he used to. However, he’s started taking less milk at his last feeding before he goes to bed because he falls asleep before he can finish the bottle. Oh well.
  • He’s still sleeping great. He stays down for at least 6-7 hours most nights, and he’s even given us 9 hours a few times and 10 hours once! He is still getting fussy in the evenings but it’s not too bad to deal with. Kenny has taken to calling him Mr. Squiggles because of how squirmy he gets. However, he’s very recently started to get fussy in the mid-afternoons as well and I have no idea why! We’re doing everything we can to try to calm him down, but lots of times nothing works. It breaks my heart to hear him cry the way he does during these times, and I hope he gets past this spell soon.
  • He has moved up to a size 1 diaper and is officially out of newborn clothes as of the beginning of October. I’m thinking he won’t be in the 0-3 months size for too much longer!
  • He has definitely started “talking” to us: his coos are just too cute! He’s also smiling at us consistently as of week 7, which I just love. I can’t wait to hear him laugh out loud.
  • He has gorgeous long eyelashes that I noticed a couple of weeks ago. On the other hand, he has yucky cradle cap that became very noticeable in weeks 6 and 7. We tried the oil treatment once, which worked decently. Upon mentioning it at his doctor’s visit, Dr. B recommended using Selson Blue shampoo on him three times a week and gently scrubbing the flakes away with a soft infant brush. That has worked pretty well, too. It definitely could be worse, but I hope he doesn’t have this issue for too much longer! Luckily he is enjoying bath time now that his cord is gone so we’ll see if the shampoo treatment continues to help.
  • He’s still doing great at tummy time, and we try to work on it a little bit each day. He also still enjoys being in his bouncy, under his playmat, or in his swing. He’s started to notice the toys hanging from the bars on his playmat more and he loves looking outside while in his swing. Kenny came up with the idea to turn his swing towards the window and it has worked wonders for keeping him quiet for short periods. He also seems to like music when I have my iPod playing. So far he has enjoyed Michael Buble, Santana, Shedaisy, Michael Jackson, and songs from Glee and Wicked.

Here is his official two month pic, as well as a cute video. Remember his very first video, while in the womb? This boy apparently just loves to move his mouth. See below for a short video of him sucking in his sleep, without a pacifier!


Monday, October 25, 2010

Couples Shower

Since he got his shots, we decided it was okay to take Riley with us to Coon and Maria’s couples shower on Saturday night. They were very nice to let him crash the party. Congrats, you two….we can’t wait for your big day in November!

Riley wasn’t the only baby there….there were two other little ones as well. All of them were very well-behaved; in fact, Riley fell asleep shortly after we got there and only woke up when he got hungry. Such a good boy! I hope he’s as good on Halloween…..

IMG_0045 The happy couple…only about a month to go!

IMG_0042IMG_0048 IMG_0050

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Repeat Visitors

Michelle, David, and Jackson came to visit us again on Friday night, and we were so glad to see them! Michelle had decided to take a few days off of work and go on a long road trip to see Becky and Jeff in Texas, and we were lucky to be included as a stop on their way back to Alabama. Jackson had a great time running off some energy on our back patio, and we all enjoyed a yummy Greek takeout dinner. Thanks for stopping to see us, y’all; it was so much fun!

IMG_0036 IMG_0038IMG_0039

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Daddy at Work and Lunch Out

While Kenny’s parents were here earlier this week, we went to visit Kenny at work so they could see his office. Once we got there, Riley decided he needed to assist Daddy with some CAD drawings on his computer…..I’m sure he was a big help! We then went to lunch at Duffy’s Diner, Riley’s first meal out in a restaurant! He was pretty well-behaved until he got hungry. I had luckily packed an extra bottle, so crisis was averted!

DSC07536 DSC07541

Friday, October 22, 2010

Three Out of Four Ain’t Bad

Kenny’s parents (a.k.a. Grandma and Grandpa) arrived last Saturday for a good long visit. Riley was so happy to have them around for three days! They played, sang songs, read books, laughed, watched football, and just generally bonded. And of course they gave Kenny and me a much-needed break from constant baby duty. We love our little boy, but it was very nice not to have to be the ones always attending to him for a few days!

IMG_3989   IMG_3993IMG_3996IMG_3999   IMG_4001IMG_4025DSC07462DSC07526

Grandma and Grandpa left on Tuesday afternoon and then my mom (a.k.a. Nola) arrived the next morning. She had decided she just couldn’t go a whole month without seeing Riley again! So, after she and my dad got back from their trip to California (lucky!), she hopped in her car and came over to see us for a quick two-night trip. Unfortunately, my dad (a.k.a. Nopsi) had to work and couldn’t come with her, but I was glad to have one of them here. She took over with Riley and let me get my house cleaned, laundry washed, and errands done. I was so grateful!


Thank you, grandparents, for coming to visit and for helping out so much. We love when you’re here! Nopsi, hopefully you can come for a visit sometime soon…..we miss you!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More Cuteness

IMG_3803IMG_3846                        Sleeping or awake….either way, I’m still cute!

IMG_3854 The beginnings of a smile!

IMG_3859Concentrating very hard on leaving something very yucky in his diaper. You should have heard the noises emanating from this child.

IMG_3868Yes, I’m cute. You gotta problem with that?

DSC07455 DSC07457     Shhhhh…..

DSC07551Another little smile!

DSC07557 So stinkin’ cute.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Monkey Burrito

We have developed a fairly consistent bedtime routine for Riley. It involves changing his diaper, swaddling him, and giving him one last bottle before putting him down for the night. We received a “Swaddle Me” from Reyna as a shower gift, and I have to admit I was reluctant to use it.

At first.

Then we saw how much he seemed to like being swaddled in the hospital, so we decided to give it a try at home using Reyna’s gift. I should never have doubted! It’s so easy to use, and I actually bought 2 more so we’d always have one on hand. When Kenny’s dad saw Riley swaddled for the first time, he said he looked like a burrito. And since one of the swaddles we have has monkeys all over it, we’ve taken to calling him “Monkey Burrito.” He’s awfully cute all wrapped up!


After being swaddled all night, he usually stretches really good once we unwrap him. I finally got it on video the other morning, but it was still fairly early so the light isn’t the greatest. It’s still worth watching, though! I hope he continues to enjoy being swaddled for a long time!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

On Saturday we took Riley to a pumpkin patch at a Methodist church near our house. I wanted to get some pictures of him among the pumpkins in his cute Halloween outfit. We went before lunch thinking it would be cooler, but that turned out to be the entirely wrong time of day to go. Not only was it hot, but the sun was so bright that Riley didn’t want to open his eyes! After strategically placing pumpkins around him to create a bit of shade we got some decent shots.



We then decided to make a second stop at a garden center to see if their pumpkin setup was any better. Their displays were pretty cute, but the sun was still an issue. Riley was not very happy with us shuffling him to different locations but then he actually fell asleep nestled in some pumpkins right before we left. Priceless!



On Sunday we decided to try again later in the day to see if we could get any better shots. We went back to the garden center about an hour before sunset and got lots of pictures with him calm and completely awake. No more sun in the eyes! I wish we had been able to capture a smile or two, but I guess there’s always next year for that. :)


riley8 DSC07520

Boppy to the rescue!

I decided to make use of my Boppy pillow in a slightly different way a few nights ago, and it was a huge success: tummy time on the Boppy! He did great on his tummy for a while, and then I gave him a well-deserved break on his back. He then promptly fell asleep!

IMG_3804   IMG_3823IMG_3827  IMG_3835

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