Friday, January 30, 2015

Video Friday: Ready, Set, Go! (And Flying Footballs)

Please enjoy this video of Riley running across the backyard and leaping into his bouncy house. Multiple times.

Oh, and me throwing footballs at Kenny, who was recording the whole thing with his phone.

The boys and I would also like to wish Kenny/Daddy a very Happy Birthday today. We love you all the way to the moon and back to the refrigerator!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Walks to the Levee

It has been such pretty weather down here the past couple of weeks. Not at all like our neighbors to the north have been experiencing. (Sorry, y’all.) As such, we have been taking full advantage and spending lots of time outside. Rory and I took a long walk to the levee one morning last week, and he loved climbing on the rocks by the lake.




Then last Sunday, after a lazy start, we fed the kids lunch outside in the backyard, piled them into the wagon, and set off for the levee. We gave them suckers for the ride, which Riley thought was awesome.


When we got over the hill, Riley jumped out and took off running down the other side. He immediately started picking “dandelions” (which were really clovers) and made sure to get one for each of us. Then he picked another bunch from a different patch just for me. Sweet boy.




DSC_6069 DSC_6073


The boys both loved climbing all over the rocks, and Riley especially loved finding pieces of driftwood that he threw back into the lake. It’s his favorite.

DSC_6074 DSC_6076


DSC_6082 DSC_6087


We walked all the way down to the pump station, which is about a mile away. Rory ran/walked all by himself, all the way there. And Riley ran a decent distance while pushing the wagon. Did I mention that this was during their normal nap times? Yeah…..wear your little butts out, boys. Sleep good that night.


DSC_6098 DSC_6101


DSC_6102 DSC_6100


DSC_6108 DSC_6110

They got into the wagon for the very windy walk back, and then we stopped by the playground before going home. Such a wonderful day.



DSC_6120 DSC_6121


20150125_161158_014 20150125_161138 20150125_161146_000


I hope the weather is this nice when parades start next weekend. That’s right, it’s the start of Carnival 2015, people…..

Cue the flambeaux.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Saturday Night in the Marigny

Last Saturday afternoon, Kenny went to help Nola and Nopsi clean out some of Grammy and Bop’s house, and the boys and I went off on our own adventure. I promised Riley a trip to Toys ‘R Us to spend his Christmas gift cards. Guess what we came home with a lot of?


He’s a tiny bit Lego-obsessed these days. And he’s already blown through putting together most of these sets. But he is one happy wonk potatoes. Can’t you tell?

Later that afternoon, Nola came to pick me up and we headed down to QP and James’s apartment for a night in the Marigny. The four of us had tickets to a performance at the Marigny Opera House, and we went for drinks and dinner first. The view from their building’s rooftop was spectacular that night.



Dinner was at Arabella, where pasta reigns and everything is made from scratch. Our meal was delicious, but how could you not love a place where one of the table flags is a picture of Bill Murray declaring that you’re awesome?

IMG_9080 IMG_9083

After dinner, as we were walking up to the Marigny Opera House, which happens to be an old church (and the place where Solange Knowles got married), we spotted our main reason for attending: Kirk! He danced in a contemporary performance set to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. The setting was charming and intimate, and the music was familiar and wonderful. Always great to see Kirk, and so hard to believe it’s been almost 20 years since we’ve known each other.





This day also happened to be Grams’ birthday, and I honored her by wearing her pearl bracelet. I hope she was looking down on us and enjoying the performance too.


Thanks for a fun night out, Nola, QP, and James. Let’s do it again sometime soon!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Video Monday: Musical Chairs

I had forgotten all about this video, taken with Kenny’s phone last month. It involves Rory switching between his and Riley’s chairs one night before bed, and sitting down quite forcefully, I might add.

But doing so only made him giggle harder.

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Wedding We Almost Didn’t Witness

My friend Amanda, whom I got to know when we were both bridesmaids in Lizzie’s wedding, got married this past weekend in Texas. Kenny and I were honored to be invited, and we really looked forward to a night away just the two of us. Nola and Nopsi agreed to keep the boys overnight while we were off celebrating the new marriage.

Except we almost didn’t make it. Rory got really sick overnight on Friday, so Kenny and I resigned ourselves to the fact that we would have to stay home. However, Rory woke up on Saturday morning acting pretty normal, aside from being overtired. Nola and Nopsi said not to cancel our plans, so we dropped the boys off around 10am and got on the road.

We stopped at Buffalo Wild Wings in Lake Charles for lunch, saw really cool clouds on the drive, and pulled up to South Shore Harbor Resort just after 4pm.




The ceremony took place at 6pm 6:15pm at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church. Amanda looked beautiful, the pastor was hysterical, and everyone was filled with much joy.



20150117_182228 20150117_184146


The reception followed back at the resort in the Crystal Ballroom. The room was huge, and everything looked so pretty. The band was great, the food was tasty, and the cake was amazing. I loved the topper!








Despite the fun atmosphere, Kenny and I actually left the reception a bit early. We were both exhausted from being up with Rory the night before, and we needed to sleep. Especially since it turned out he was still not feeling the greatest when we got home. Nola said it was obvious his tummy was really bothering him (read: lots and lots of diaper changes), so he must have picked up some kind of bug. He didn’t really eat much all weekend, although understandably so.

However, Aunt E and Uncle Jeff picked up smoothies for the boys on Saturday afternoon when they all met up at a playground, and Rory sucked his down. So I ended up going out to get two more for the boys’ dinner on Sunday, along with Pedialyte, a probiotic, oatmeal bath packets, and a stronger diaper cream. My poor sweet boy.

IMG_9018 IMG_9012

So while it wasn’t the ideal situation for a weekend away, Kenny and I did have a wonderful time in Texas. We had a quiet day at home on Monday, and things finally started to return to normal on Tuesday. Fingers crossed that whatever this was has vacated the premises.

Never a dull moment with these two boys around.

Thank you, Nola and Nopsi, for watching them while we were gone. And many heartfelt congratulations to the newly married couple. We are so happy for you two!

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