Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Twenty-Two Months {Rory}

At 22 months, Rory weighs 28 pounds and stands about 33 inches tall. He is wearing 24-month to 2T clothes, a size 5 diaper, and a size 7 shoe.

Here’s what I want to remember about this past month:

  • He’s still eating typically for him, but I’m trying to get better about offering him different foods in the hopes that he’ll at least try them. Fingers crossed.
  • His milk is not holding the same draw that it used to. He still drinks it fairly well, but he’s more interested in continuing to play with his toys or watch TV instead of stopping to drink.
  • He takes a good nap every afternoon, which I am SO grateful for. We’ve been putting him into bed for the night a little after 7pm, and he usually wakes up between 5:30 and 6:30 in the morning. The latter would be better but it doesn’t always happen that way.
  • He still takes a paci for naps and night-night but will willingly spit it out of his mouth and back into his crib when we get him out of bed. It’s pretty funny, actually.
  • When it’s time to go to his room to get dressed or take a nap, all I have to do is tell him and he runs straight into his room.
  • He has been very attached to us this month, especially Kenny. He’s constantly wanting to be held, and he whines loudly if we don’t comply. Stinker.
  • He still throws toys constantly and simply smiles when I tell him no. I fear this will get worse before it gets better.
  • He has become much more adventurous on the stairs, scooting down on his belly so fast and even walking down holding onto the railing, much to my dismay.
  • He loves anything with wheels. He loves books. He loves being outside.
  • He loves to dance, especially to the Hot Dog Dance from Mickey. But he will often shake his booty whenever he hears music. It’s so darn cute.

Twenty-two months!



QP said... Best Blogger Tips

SO stinkin' cute!

Nola said... Best Blogger Tips

OMG, this child is so damn adorable.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I don't know how you ever say no to those dimples. Just so precious! ~Jackie

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