Monday, January 12, 2015

2014 Wrap-Up

I hope y’all enjoyed all of the videos last week. I was playing catch-up; I didn’t realize I had so many good ones from last year still to show everyone. And with today’s short post, our 2014 adventures will officially be in the record books.

I found a Sleepy Bean on Kenny’s phone. This was during naptime on Christmas Eve, when the boys and I stayed in our PJs all day long.


Here’s the little one being silly in Riley’s room.

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Rory is now insisting fairly often that he eat breakfast like a big boy, just like his brother.


Nola, Lizzie, and I met my friend Kirk and his mom Nancy for a holiday lunch at Commander’s a few days after Christmas. We had such fun.


Kenny had to work only for a few hours on New Year’s Eve, and the boys were very excited when he got home much earlier in the day than usual. I love the three of them in plaid shirts!


Later that night the four of us went to our annual New Year’s Eve party with our friends. Both boys did great, staying up until after midnight. However, neither one liked the noise of all the fireworks.



The above picture, the one with Riley’s comically unhappy expression, is our last one from 2014. Over the course of those twelve months, I took more than 7500 pictures and posted 189 times. I wrote about good things, sad things, funny things, silly things, more sad things, magical things, and so much more.

A lot happened last year. Thanks for following along on our family’s journey. Now bring on 2015!


QP said... Best Blogger Tips

Love it all, PC. Hugs!

AD#1 said... Best Blogger Tips

Great wrap-up to an eventful year. More than ready to move on to 2015!

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