Sunday, December 28, 2014

Jackson Square Caroling and Christmas Eve

Singing carols in Jackson Square the Sunday before Christmas has been a New Orleans tradition for 68 years. We went two years ago but skipped last year. Nola really wanted to go this year, Erin and Kate had never been, and the weather was cooperative. So we went!


We picked up Felipe’s for dinner, ate at UJ’s apartment, and then walked down to the square. We need to get out there earlier the next time we go because it was awfully crowded 15 minutes before show time.

IMG_8667 IMG_8655

The moment we lit the kids’ candles they were mesmerized. So funny.




We luckily found a spot way in the back next to the outer fence and near a few trees. Hence, lots of leaves and sticks on the ground. Perfect. I’m not sure Riley sang at all (sounds familiar, doesn’t it?), but he had fun nonetheless. Kate did too. She even sang, especially liking the chorus of “Gloria in Excelsis Deo.”






We didn’t do too much the next few days, on account of the boys’ being under the weather, but Christmas Eve came before we knew it. And while Riley and Rory weren’t completely better, they were feeling pretty good. And very excited about Santa’s impending arrival.

Kenny had to work on Christmas Eve morning, so the boys and I stayed in our PJs and had a lazy day. It was so nice.

IMG_8711 IMG_8715

We did finally get bathed and dressed in time to leave for our annual dinner at GW Fins. We swung by Nola and Nopsi’s first so the kids could open one gift under their tree. They all looked so cute in their Christmas clothes.


DSC_5755 DSC_5766


We all arrived at the restaurant around the same time and were shown to the private room in the back. Nola had booked it because there were 18 of us and because she thought it would be better to have the three kids somewhat contained.


I admit I was a bit disappointed we wouldn’t be in the main dining room, but it ended up being perfect. The kids had a ball chasing each other around the room, playing with the trucks we brought, and watching videos on the iPad. And there were doors to keep Rory IN. Awesome.




Plus, the huge table provided a great space on which to roll trucks.



Dinner was delicious as usual. Both of the boys loved the biscuits, Riley ate half of the shrimp in Kenny’s gumbo, and he also put away most of his very own piece of fish (drum). I was so proud of him!



IMG_8720 IMG_8719 IMG_8721



There was a noticeable absence at dinner that night, however. Grams and Bop. I’m pretty sure they were on everyone’s mind. Hopefully they were looking down on us and smiling at the fact that we were all together.


We got home around 9pm, and, after I helped Riley put food out for the reindeer (some in the back and some in the front, just in case), we got the boys into their Christmas PJs and in front of the tree so they could open their Christmas Eve books.



DSC_5838-edit DSC_5841-edit



We read the boys their new books and then tucked them into their beds so Santa could visit our house. It was almost Christmas!


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Friend you look absolutely fabulous! Merry Christmas (a week late) to my favorite NOLA people! ~Jackie

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