Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Twelve Days of Roux {Part Two}

Roux returns to the North Pole tonight on Santa’s sleigh. But boy have we had some fun with him this year! Here’s what he did during the second half of his stay with us.

On day 13, Roux brought a very special gift for the boys: colored Christmas lights, which he decorated the banister with before they woke up that morning. Riley LOVED this. The lights do have to go back with Roux tonight, but we have all enjoyed them for the last couple of weeks.


The next day, Roux clung to the top of one of the decorative Christmas trees in my collection.


Then Roux brought another gift back from the North Pole: snowflakes! Although Riley said he thought he made them as a craft. Smart kid.


Roux also read a story to some of his dinosaur friends.


Then he brought yet another gift to the boys: their names spelled out in Christmas lights hung on the back doors.


One week before Christmas Day, Roux dressed up like a pirate and hung out on a toy pirate ship all day. Arrrrrgh!


Then he had some fun with stickers, this time with his friends Mickey and Minnie Mouse.


The next day he told us how much he loved us.


Then, after being busy for three weeks straight, it was no surprise that Roux took a good long nap in one of the boys’ dump trucks.


He brought back a special message for the boys the next day.


Then he tried on Riley’s school shoes.


And finally, he packed his little elf suitcase and said goodbye to the boys for another year.


I’m going to miss having him around.

Sort of.

Merry {almost} Christmas, y’all!


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