Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Mystery Reader and Surfer of the Week

I volunteered to be the December mystery reader for Riley’s class, and that took place last Wednesday. Unlike last year, I didn’t tell Riley that I would be coming to his school, and he was so surprised and happy to see me walk into his classroom that morning.


I read four books to the kids, but the main one I had planned for was Santa’s Hat. The kids settled down on the carpet and I read that one first. It’s a cute story about Santa misplacing his hat and trying on lots of different hats while searching for his own.




Mystery readers are allowed to bring something to hand out to the kids, so I came up with a fun surprise for them based on the book. I picked up some cute little Christmas buckets, wrote each student’s (and teacher’s!) name on the tops, and filled them with a few pieces of candy and their very own Santa hat. I think they liked their prizes!








Two days later, Riley climbed into the car after school with an extra bag. Ms. Ashlie told me that was because Ms. Amelie had picked him to be the Student of the Week. He’s in the middle of his special week right now, but the first thing he got to do as SOTW was bring home the class mascot, Flo the flamingo, for the weekend. 

Last Friday also happened to be Baking Day at Nola’s house, so that’s where we went after school. Riley showed Flo all of the cookies cooling on the dining room table, and he even got to taste a couple. A bit surprisingly, his favorite were the white chocolate cherry shortbreads.




Riley was excited to introduce Flo to Giraffey and Mr. Giraffey (whom I picked up for the wonk potatoes when I got Toby for Rory), and they all slept happily ever after in Riley’s bed that night.


The next morning, we all headed over to Riley’s school for Breakfast with Santa, but more on that tomorrow. Later, while Riley was napping, Flo got to meet and hang out with Roux, who was perched in our Christmas tree that day. Flo got to sleep with Riley again on Saturday night…..


…..and when they woke up, they played with Legos together.


We had a very lazy Sunday, staying in PJs for most of the day and playing inside. Riley and I did eventually get dressed, though, so we could go to his classmate Dominik’s birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese that afternoon. Flo came with us, too.


Like Mary the monkey last year, Flo came with a journal to document her weekends with each different SOTW. I wrote up the story of her adventures with Riley from his point of view and included pictures of the two of them together. He brought her back to school on Monday morning and got to show everyone what they did.




Ms. Amelie also sent home an information sheet for me to fill out on Riley. I asked him about his “favorites” over dinner on Friday night. Some of his answers surprised me…..his favorite tv show is Mickey??? News to me.


I also sent in some pictures of the SOTW since there was a note to do so on the top of the information sheet. Ms. Amelie used the pictures and the info I filled out for a SOTW display on the back of their classroom door. Fun!


Here he is waiting to be dropped off on his first official day as SOTW. I hope he lives up to the title and doesn’t get into too much trouble this week.


Congratulations, Riley-bean. Daddy and I are so proud of you!


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

QP is so proud of him, too!
During your mystery reading, I have to say the boy who but his bucket on his head has to be my favorite -- next to Rileybean of course.

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