Thursday, December 4, 2014

Playdate, WWII Museum, and City Park {The Rest of Thanksgiving Week}

While the rest of our crew was still at the farm, the boys and I got together with Dana, Claire, and Colin on Tuesday morning. We went over to their house and played in the backyard. Rory loved their little roller coaster. So much fun.


IMG_8230 IMG_8231


Then, the day after Thanksgiving, we met Kenny’s family down at the National World War II Museum. Grandma actually volunteers there once a week, and it was one of Nicholas and James’ top three things they wanted to do when they were here.


We went straight to the building that houses most of the big planes, a huge, warehouse-like space. There were six different planes suspended from the ceiling, with viewing catwalks at multiple levels. Very cool.



Kenny and I knew the boys wouldn’t love being at the museum, but they hung in there while we walked around. The wide open space under the planes provided a great area for them to run around. Riley only screeched loudly once. And it also helped that there were rocks to play with right outside.




We walked to get a late lunch after we finished at the museum, and then we attempted to go into the Quarter so we could get beignets at CafĂ© du Monde. That was Nicholas and James’ third item on their list. Unfortunately, the Quarter was PACKED and we couldn’t find parking. In fact, we were in the car driving around looking for a spot for so long that Rory fell asleep.


We eventually decided to nix the Quarter and go to Morning Call in City Park instead. Riley zonked out just before we got there…..


…..but surprisingly woke up okay. We walked around the sculpture garden first, which I can’t recall ever having been in before. It is so pretty in there. I wish I had taken more pictures. I might have to go back.



Then we walked across to Morning Call so the boys could finally get their beignets. I realized that if Rory decided to try a bite, it would be his first taste. He did try one, and he liked it enough to go back for a few more bites. And of course Riley was covered in sugar when he was done. Everybody was happy.



IMG_8272 20141128_165614





When the beignets were gone, the boys climbed on nearby trees until it started to get dark. This was the ‘Woods last night in town and they had a super early flight the next morning. It was so nice to have them here for so long, and Riley really didn’t want them to go. He just loves his cousins.





All in all, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving week. Riley did NOT want to go back to school on Monday morning but I think the fact that Christmas is so close helped.

In fact, Christmas has most definitely arrived in our house…..more on that tomorrow!


QP said... Best Blogger Tips

Fun times! Any hey, pick a day and I'll go to the sculpture garden with you. I can watch Rory while you snap pics....Hugs

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