Tuesday, December 23, 2014

School Days: Christmas Mass and Party {Riley}

Friday was Riley’s last day of school before the Christmas break. The whole school went to mass in the morning, followed by a special Christmas pageant/sing-a-long, and then it was party time in the kids’ classrooms.

I joined Riley in church, and we sat next to Dana and Claire. The kids were slightly excited and may have been a bit more wiggly than usual. They made it through mass and singing, although just barely.


IMG_8626 IMG_8627


We said goodbye to Dana and Claire and headed to Ms. Amelie’s classroom, where Kenny caught up with us. The kids made special Christmas placemats earlier in the week, and their spots were all ready and waiting for them to have a donut hole treat. I think Riley ate six.






Once they had enough sugar in them, it was time for them to perform. Riley had been singing “Happy Birthday Jesus” around for awhile, so I figured that was one of the songs they would sing. They also sang “Jingle Bells” and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.”



Everyone, that is, but Riley. As much as he sung around the house the past couple of weeks, he wanted nothing to do with singing in his classroom on Friday. (He said later it was because he was tired.) He did okay shaking the little bell Ms. Amelie passed out to everyone, but it went downhill after that.


First he looked supremely bored.


Then he gave me a huge smile when I made a face in an attempt to get him to enjoy himself. But he still didn’t sing.


Then he looked bored again.


Then he started playing with his hands.


Then he started playing with his hat. (It fell off his head and onto the floor shortly after.)


Then it was over.


After he didn’t sing, we walked back over to his table and checked out his Christmas goodies. He got a couple of chocolate covered Oreos, two Christmas pencils, and a special stocking with his name on it filled with a coloring book and crayons. He also got a new Mouse book from Ms. Amelie and Ms. Ashlie.



Then it was our turn to give his teachers their Christmas gift. I got two felt buckets from Target and filled them each with a pair of comfy socks, a tube of Chapstick, three Ghirardelli chocolates, two pouches of Ghirardelli hot chocolate mix, and a Starbucks gift card. I attached a tag to each that read “Have yourself a COZY little Christmas! Love, Riley” and voila! I think they turned out pretty cute.



Ms. Ashlie wasn’t there, but we were able to give Ms. Amelie hers. In fact, Riley walked up to her with it hidden behind his back so he could “surprise” her. So adorable. And he made her open it right away, even though she was surrounded by lots of the other kids at the time. Oh well. I hope everything made it home with her!

DSC_5596 DSC_5597



The party was over very quickly; we got into his classroom around 9:40 and we were back in the car headed home before 10:30. But I’m glad Kenny and I were both able to join him for his last day of school in 2014. (Big thanks to AD#1 for watching the little one for us!)


Yesterday, on his first day of vacation, we actually paid an unexpected visit to Dr. N’s office. Turns out Riley has an ear infection and lots of post nasal drip, which is causing him to cough. And Rory is very snotty and coughing too. She prescribed amoxicillin for both of them so I’m hopeful they’ll both be feeling better for Christmas.

Which is now the day after tomorrow. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN???


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