Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving Week Farm Trip

My apologies for not posting anything on Friday as I said I would. We had a long and full Turkey Day so I did not have time to get something together. So very sorry!

One of the ‘Wood boys’ favorite thing to do when they come into town is spend some time at the farm. They would probably be okay with the entirety of their visit taking place up there, but we did have other things on the agenda.

They went up on Sunday afternoon, and Kenny and Riley decided to join them. I stayed back with Rory because the weather wasn’t forecasted to be that great, but we drove up to meet them the next day. Kenny said Riley did great sleeping in a tent again. He was just so happy to be up there with his cousins.




IMG_1936 20141124_06353020141124_064802 IMG_1942



Rory and I arrived on Monday morning just in time for breakfast. We ate pancakes and bacon, Grandpa gave all of the boys rides on the four wheeler, and Rory pushed his favorite yellow truck around. It was shaping up to be a beautiful day.


IMG_1951 IMG_1971


Next, we piled onto the tractor and headed over to the hay barn. The boys played for a bit, Nick and James did a few chores to help Grandpa, and then we loaded up a few bales of hay and went to feed the cows. The four of us also attempted to take a family picture in the hay barn, but Riley was not being cooperative. Stinker.





We did get a decent picture of the five cousins, though. However, my favorite was what Jaimi snapped: Kenny, Deb, and me looking like fools trying to get the boys to smile. And Riley finally gave us a good smile, although he tilted his head and blocked James in the process. We can’t win.




The cows were ready and waiting for us to come through the gate with the hay, and they followed us all the way into the empty field Grandpa directed us to. I think we had taken a bit too long to get our act together, and they couldn’t understand why their lunch was delayed.





After the cows were happily munching away, we headed back to the campsite for lunch. The kids played around there for awhile, and then we all took a walk to feed the catfish in the pond by the hay barn. While we were over that way, Grandpa, as promised earlier, took Riley for a ride on his big new tractor. Riley loved it.


Before we knew it, sunset was approaching and it was time to go. Rory and I left first, but Kenny and Riley stayed through dinner and came home later. Rory took no time at all to fall asleep in the car, and I enjoyed a gorgeous sky for part of the drive. Riley also fell asleep quickly; luckily, Kenny and he had showered before they left, so I put Riley straight into his bed for the night when they got back. The farm sure tires those boys out.




The rest of the crew stayed another two nights (Nicholas and James were thrilled). We all met back up again at our house on Thanksgiving Day for a really nice holiday celebration.

Recaps of the rest of our week coming up next!

Oh, and a very Happy Birthday to QP today :)


QP said... Best Blogger Tips

Farm posts are some of my favorite! The new tractor is awesome. And thank you for the birthday wishes, PC!

Nola said... Best Blogger Tips

That's a BIG tractor, Paw Paw! What a fun day. My fav pics are the cousins and the SPIDER WEB!! I might make an enlargement of that one. Thanks to whoever took it.

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