Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thanksgiving at Home

Since we hosted Thanksgiving this year, I worked all day Wednesday to get the house ready for Kenny’s family. I put toys away, I cleaned, I set the tables, and I prepared two appetizers and the rolls for the next day. I was exhausted by the time dinner rolled around. But doesn’t my table look pretty? I especially love the flowers. I picked up a fall bouquet at Sam’s and Nola arranged them. Thanks, Nola!




My hard work paid off, though, and allowed me to have a leisurely Thanksgiving morning with my boys. I even sat down with my coffee and watched some of the Macy’s parade. By the time I showered and got dressed, much of the family had arrived and were already busy in the kitchen. Even Grandpa took responsibility for a dish!


DSC_5004 DSC_5011


DSC_5012 DSC_5014

We ran a bit late on our start time but finally sat down to a very nice meal. I was so proud of Riley for trying everything on his plate. And luckily Rory slept through the whole thing and woke up just as we were finishing. Perfect timing.




DSC_5035 DSC_5036

After dinner, while the adults continued to talk and the boys played, I snuck over to Nola and Nopsi’s for a quick visit. We cleaned up a bit when I got back and then all piled into cars and drove to the lakefront. Nicholas and James had built a model rocket at the farm but didn’t get a chance to launch it, so we all went to watch it blast off. It was super windy and cold out there, but they sent their rocket sky high three times. Very impressive.

DSC_5044 DSC_5043

Nola and Nopsi came over shortly after we got back home and stayed until halftime of the victorious LSU game. The party broke up completely about that time, with everyone needing to get on the road for home. It was a long, full day, but it was a great day. I am so incredibly thankful for my little family, both for my husband and for my two sweet boys.



And now it’s time to shift gears into the Christmas season. Things in my house are rapidly changing from yellow, orange, and bronze to red, green, and silver. There are Christmas lights and trees to put up, cookies to bake, music to listen to, presents to buy and wrap, and magic to witness. Roux has reappeared again and I can’t wait to see what mischief he gets into this year.

So strap yourselves in, y’all. December’s gonna be a busy ride!


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