Friday, December 13, 2013

Meet Our Elf, Roux

I mentioned last week that we have a new friend living with us. Meet Roux, our family elf.


Yes, we have joined the whole “Elf on the Shelf” craze. I though about doing it last year, but I’m glad I waited until now. Knowing nothing about this new trend, Kenny asked me what the purpose of the elf is. To which I replied, “He encourages good behavior and helps keep the magic alive.”


Our elf parachuted in the night of December 3 with a book and a letter from Santa explaining who he was and what he was sent for. All of his Christmas friends were even there to greet him.



Riley discovered our new family member the next morning when he came down for breakfast. Rory spotted the elf right away, but I think Riley was more excited about all of the friends than he was about the elf hanging from the lights.



DSC_9005 DSC_9006

Santa instructed Riley to give the elf a name, and even offered a few suggestions (some additional ones were ad-libbed : Gumbo, Roux, and Cajun). After first offering up “Snowtruck,” Riley settled on Roux. I love that he picked that one.


Riley doesn’t seem to be hugely interested in the elf; most mornings I have to ask him if he knows where Roux’s new spot is. (Roux flies back to the North Pole every night to report to Santa whether or not Riley and Rory have been good or bad and then returns to our house in a new location.)


However, this could be because there is also an elf in his classroom at school, Ellie. She showed up a couple of days earlier than Roux did (Ms. Amanda was more on the ball than I was). 

Despite my having to remind him to find Roux, Riley does seem to enjoy spotting him in his new position every day. So far he’s perched in our Christmas tree, tucked himself into Riley’s stocking, nestled among my anniversary flowers, hung out on top of our “Noel” painting…..


…..sat on top of the curly wire tree on the dining room table, surveyed the living room from on top of the mantle, brought a special Peanuts music book to the boys with some help from Snoopy, and made sure Riley was sleeping soundly.


And yes, I have shot up from bed when I realized I forgot to move Roux to a new spot, but only once. So far.

There are TONS of Elf on the Shelf ideas all over the internet, but since Riley is still pretty young, simply moving Roux to a new place every night should suffice for now. But I am looking forward to getting more creative in the years to come.

Because why not add more things to my to-do list during this always busy time of year?

DSC_9000 DSC_9007

Especially if it makes my boys smile.


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

My Goodness What will they think of next- Cute idea though- Love it. Hugs, Grams

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