Friday, December 6, 2013

Rory’s First Farm Trip

Last Saturday, on kind of a whim, Kenny and I decided to take the boys to the farm. Steve had mentioned to Kenny earlier in the week that he was planning to bring Zac, and since it was shaping up to be a gorgeous day, we figured there was no better way to spend it than being outside among the cows.



DSC_8765 DSC_8770

It was Rory’s very first trip up there, and he was lucky enough to go at a much younger age than his brother was his first time. It was bright and sunny and not too cold, but we made sure he was bundled up sufficiently. He looked so cute in his farm attire!




Speaking of which, Riley actually might have upstaged the little one and looked even better. Just sayin’.


IMG_9809 IMG_9810

We spent most of our time up there on a long hayride so we could feed two groups of cows. And of course we stopped at the barn to climb on the big haystack first.






While the older boys were helping to feed the first group, Rory got up close and personal with some of the cows. He was fascinated with the big bovine creatures and not one bit scared. In fact, he was flashing those dimples of his almost the whole time.




Not even when one of them got really up close and personal. But don’t worry; no 8-month-olds were harmed in the making of this moment.



There were three brand new calves, and we got to see all of them. But this one with the white face was my favorite. He was so cute!


After the cows had been fed, we went back to the campfire to cook our hot dog lunch. Rory enjoyed a bottle, and Riley and Zac found some really big sticks to play with.


IMAG1512 DSC_8683



Before we called it a day, we brought the tractor back to the barn and went around back to do something I had never done before: jump on the big rolled hay bales (or perform a bit of ballet, as that’s what it looks like I’m doing). Fun!



IMG_9892 IMG_9894


Both boys fell fast asleep on the drive home, as did I. But I woke up to a glorious sunset over Lake Pontchartrain.


DSC_8793 DSC_8795

Such a great day with my boys. And I’m glad Rory got to experience the farm at such a young age. I love that we’re creating the same memories with them that Kenny has from his childhood.

That makes these days even more special than they already are.


QP said... Best Blogger Tips

The farm! When is Don going to hire me?

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Another wonderful memory- Rory was too close to the cows- but seemed to really enjoy it. Hugs, Grams

AD#1 said... Best Blogger Tips

So envious that you get to go to the farm whenever you want! I really cherish my memories of my one visit ... it was fabulous! Your boys are so, so lucky to be able to experience that lifestyle, such a gorgeous, peaceful place ... just perfect for making those family memories.

Jackie said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my god Rory's cheeks in that adorable sweater...I can't even handle it! So so cute!

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