Friday, December 20, 2013

School Days: PK3 Month Four {Plus Christmas Party!}

After a week off for Thanksgiving, there were only three short weeks left of school before the two-week Christmas break.


Their themes were “Creepy Crawly Insects,” “Animals Grow and Change,” and “Christmas.” They studied the letter “L,” worked on problem solving, and were taught time sequences. They reviewed letters “A” through “L,” numbers, and counting for progress reports. They learned about advent.


They were visited by the Audubon Zoomobile on December 3. I believe they got to see a hen, a turtle, a guinea pig, and a rabbit. Thanks go out to Ms. Amanda for snapping and sending these pics to me!

photo (1) photo (2)

photo (3)

They created bugs out of play dough and made ladybug wings. They colored lots of winter and Christmas-themed pictures.


They used their hand- and footprints to make special reindeer tshirts for their Christmas performance. (I volunteered to help with this project. It went really well, except for the fact that I got some of the paint on Riley’s pants and it won’t come out. Oops.)


IMG_4147 IMG_4154


They were each asked to bring in an ornament for their class tree (brought to them by Ellie). Riley picked a snowman ornament to bring from home, and they decorated their tree early last week. It’s in the corner of the Center Room so both classes can enjoy it.


They were asked to donate new hats, mittens, and scarves for children in need. Riley reluctantly brought in a pair of gloves and a hat that I picked up at Target. (He wanted to keep them for himself.)



They had Polar Express Pajama Day yesterday; Riley chose to wear his fire truck PJs. They read The Polar Express, watched the movie, and had a special snack of cookies and hot chocolate.


polar express

Yesterday was also their class Christmas party. I left Rory at home with Nola and joined in the PK3 festive fun. They were all so cute in their PJs!






Once we got home from the party yesterday afternoon, Riley discovered multiple treat bags from some of his classmates inside his school bag. (I sent nothing. Oops again.) And he found a special treat for Santa’s reindeer tucked into his folder, as well as a very special Christmas ornament that he made at school. That was my favorite thing.



Today is their last day of school before break. There is an all-school mass first thing in the morning, followed by PK3’s special Christmas performance. I’ll post a recap about that on Monday.

Then he’s done. For two whole weeks. I am so looking forward to having all three of my boys around for the rest of the year.


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I am so glad that school keeps the children so busy and tells them stories about Christmas. So wonderful Hugs. Grams

QP said... Best Blogger Tips

I love these posts about what Rileybean is learning. Of course, I love all the posts...

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