Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Afternoon

We left Nola and Nopsi’s house around 1pm and headed back to our house, where all of Kenny’s family had already gathered. The ‘Woods were in from California, Uncle Steve, Aunt Jaimi, and Zac came from Prairieville, and Grandma and Grandpa rounded out our group.

DSC_0003 DSC_0005



We scrambled a bit when we realized that almost everyone had something to go into the oven, which was completely occupied by the turkey. We ultimately made everything work, even though dinner was delayed by a little more than a hour. But that just gave the boys more time for backyard football.




After dinner, we made the boys wait just a little bit longer to open presents. Grandma wanted some family pictures, so we took some of the five cousins and some of the whole family. Those kids were so patient during that process. Even Riley.



We ended up leaving the brown couch in front of the tv for present opening, which gave the kids lots of open space to tear through their gifts. Once again, Riley would open one present and immediately ask if he had any more. Butthead.



We had dessert and hot chocolate after presents, and I snuck away for a bit to bathe Rory and put him to bed. He was one tired boy, even though he got both of his naps that day. 

The rest of the evening was filled with games of chess, a bit of cleaning up, good conversation, more food and drinks, and a screening of Prep and Landing before the out-of-towners finally called it a night and headed home. Riley was in bed just before 9:30pm and Kenny and I finally crawled into our own around 11pm.

What a joyful, happy, magical, merry day.


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