Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Card 2013

I decided what I wanted to do for this year’s Christmas card in early November. My concept involved just the two kids, not Kenny or me. So, on a Sunday morning when Riley was a little sick and Rory was running a bit late for his nap, I decided I wanted to do the photo shoot with the boys.

Kenny looked at me like I was crazy, but my sweet husband willingly obliged and got out some of our Christmas lights and pillows for me to use as props. I threw the blanket from our bed down over the footboard, draped the lights all over it, arranged the pillows to one side, and added in my two boys, dressed in their matching Christmas pajamas.


DSC_8080 DSC_8082


I also wound some of the lights around the boys, which Riley thought was great. Rory, meanwhile, kept trying to eat the lights. (“He ate the light.” Name that movie.)


DSC_8033 DSC_8012


I originally thought I would use a vertical oriented shot, but the horizontal ones ended up being easier to get, so I had to alter my plan a bit.

DSC_8017 DSC_8011 DSC_8022

I also wanted the lights to be the main illumination on the boys’ faces, but that didn’t work out as well as I wanted it too. Kenny even took the shade off one of our lamps to try and supplement light, but that didn’t work all that great either.

DSC_8067 DSC_8057


I kept switching back and forth from auto mode to no flash mode and just snapped away, hoping I was getting at least one good one.


Before too long both boys started to get really restless. Kenny, bless his heart, did his very best to keep them smiling, but they eventually had had enough so we called it quits.


DSC_8088 DSC_8091


The entire session lasted less than 10 minutes, but I managed to take 85 pictures. I chose the one I wanted, found inspiration for the design on Minted, edited the picture and added the text using PicMonkey, and lo and behold, here is our 2013 Christmas card.


It’s a busy time of year, but it’s definitely a joyful and happy and magical and merry time of year, too.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful time this holiday season!


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

AND I just love the card-Adorable - Hugs, Grams

A Ball said... Best Blogger Tips

You did a great job!!! I thought they were professional!

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