Monday, December 23, 2013

PK3 Christmas Performance

Riley has been singing lots of Christmas songs around the house the past few weeks. I wondered how he learned all of the words so well, but then I realized it must be because they were practicing for their Christmas performance at school. That was last Friday, on their last day of school in 2013.


All of the parents went straight to the cafeteria after mass to await the arrival of our little performers. The kids entered from the back holding hands with their partners and decked out in their hand- and footprint reindeer shirts and paper hats. They looked so cute.



Ms. Michelle led the group in their five songs, with Ms. Amanda and Ms. Lisa also guiding them on either side. However, you wouldn’t have known Riley was habitually singing the songs at home; he didn’t sing all that much when it was actually show time. Oh well. He looked so precious with his hands in his pockets, though.


DSC_9463 DSC_9466DSC_9475 DSC_9464


As expected, there were lots of family members in attendance watching the pee wee concert. Rory even skipped his morning nap to watch his big brother perform.

DSC_9477 DSC_9479

Blair and Tabitha, two seventh-grade students who help get the preschoolers out of their cars in the mornings, were also there for the show. And they even gave all of the kids a treat bag filled with Christmas candy afterwards! Love those girls.


After the kids took their final bows, they were dismissed to find their loved ones (a.k.a. supreme chaos reigned). Then they were served a special treat: birthday cake for Jesus. So cute. And tasty, too.


DSC_9490 DSC_9496


When I finally convinced Riley to stop running around with his friends for five seconds (sugar high!), I got the three teachers together for a picture. Ms. Michelle, Ms. Lisa, and Ms. Amanda, three wonderful ladies, with my Riley-bean.


Here’s a video montage of the performance. The first song is by far my favorite. Enjoy!

First semester of preschool: check.


See y’all next year for more adventures and school days with PK3!


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Thanks so much for sharing that peformance, it is priceless! Great way to start my day!

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