Monday, October 31, 2016

School Days: PK3 First Nine Weeks {Rory}

I bet y’all thought I forgot to do big school updates about the boys’ first nine weeks, didn’t you? But I didn’t! They’re just a little later than I wanted them to be; these past few weeks have been NUTS.

I feel like I say that every October.

Rory is up first; Riley will be tomorrow.

During his first 9 weeks of preschool, Rory learned so much. His class talked about making new friends, learning rules and routines, recognizing patterns, and who is God during their first week. They also learned about the color red and read lots of books. Then during their second week they learned about the Holy Trinity, position words, and healthy habits. They colored with a friend, made friendship bracelets, and read more books. And they discussed the calendar and learned the Pledge of Allegiance.



Their third week was all about the letter “Aa.” They learned about the sound it makes and did lots of activities about apples. They even made applesauce and had an apple tasting; Rory liked the yellow apple the best. And they learned about comparing lengths using measurement words, mass, and how to make the Sign of the Cross.


Week four focused on the letter “Bb” and counting to 5. They also learned how to get along, compare quantities of things, and about creation and basic needs. They created their own button bear, made a bus, sang “Wheels on the Bus,” painted with the colors blue and brown, played with bubbles, and baked bread.


Their fifth week of school was all about families, the letter “Cc,” simple shapes and features, how we grow, and clouds. They also did lots of activities: corn measuring, balloon painting, and pom pom painting.


During their sixth week they talked about the letter “Dd,” measuring and comparing lengths, counting, taking care of each other, the Ten Commandments, and nutrition. Week seven was all about family fun, the letter “Ee,” recognizing numerals, exploring states of matter, and loving one another as God loves us.



Week eight brought them into October. They continued to learn about families and moved on the to letter “Ff.” They also learned about sorting and describing objects, fire safety (and had a visit from a fire truck!), guardian angels, St. Francis, and the rosary. Their activities included making a fall windsock and Halloween decorations for their classroom, experimenting with their five senses, and using shaving cream to form letters.


IMG_1648 IMG_1650


During week nine they talked about places they go, simple maps and position words, comparing distances, investigating energy, and God’s house the church. They also reviewed letters A through F. Activities included a Christopher Columbus art project, exploring energy, learning Halloween songs and fingerplays, and touring the church. They also had their first mystery reader, Mrs. Dana!



The PK3 students also completed a very special project in early September: a family collage. Riley did the same thing when he was in PK3. The collages are hung up in their lunchroom, and they stay there all year long. Rory colored some of his poster, picked out the pictures that Mama taped on, and decorated it with lots of stickers. He did a great job!


IMG_0673 IMG_0676


Rory has made lots of new friends in his class. He LOVES Mary Jane and Colin, but he also talks about Corinne, Andres, Emma, and Oliver. Mrs. Claire and Ms. Lisa put together a PK3 “Facebook” binder and sent it home with each of the students so their parents could put faces to names of all of the kids in the class. Such a cute idea. Rory loved flipping through it and showing me all of his new friends.




They celebrated Colin’s birthday in September and had a couple of Black and Gold days. Geaux Saints!


IMG_0737 IMG_0740

Rory has learned how to make a “happy plate” during his lunchtime, his behavior at school is super, and he’s only had one accident (although it was a major one…yuck). He also naps pretty well most days. He loves going to his enrichment classes: music, PE, and library. He learned songs for the colors red, blue, orange, and black. He learned the days of the week and the months of the year. He loves playing outside in the PK3 play yard but he often comes home with lots of mulch in his shoes. Just like his brother did.


Those first couple of weeks were so tough for him, but I think he really loves going to school now. I worried about coming in to help in his classroom and then having to leave, but he gives me a quick kiss and hug and then he’s off with his friends. No worries at all.

I can’t wait to see what they do during their second nine weeks.


Thursday, October 27, 2016

Oktoberfest 2016

It’s my favorite time of year: Oktoberfest! One of these years, Kenny and I will actually get over to Germany and experience the real thing. But in the meantime, we took the boys out to Rivertown for the 2016 NOLA Oktoberfest celebration. I was on the cruise the first weekend (and missed the 2-mile fun run!), but we went the second and third weekends.


Dana, Dave, Claire, and Colin came with us on the second Saturday. Dana’s twin Lynn and her husband Ryan met us out there too, and we saw Dominic and his family as well. So much fun!



IMG_1866 20161015_182529



We fested the next Saturday too, only this time Nopsi, Uncle Jeff, Aunt E, Kate, Luke, Grandma, and Grandpa came with us. And we ended up seeing Matthew and his family out there. The kids had fun with the bubbles we brought and got their faces painted, Luke tried his first soft pretzel and mashed potato (oh, and beer), and we all celebrated Uncle Jeff’s birthday. Prost!


IMG_2015 IMG_2019


IMG_2027 IMG_2042


IMG_2056 IMG_2074


IMG_2073 IMG_2065


IMG_2081 IMG_20161022_185158762


Then, right before we were going to leave, they started picking people for the last beer stein holding contest of the night. I ran up front and got chosen with four other lucky ladies. I lost out to Dana last year and wanted to redeem myself, even though she wasn’t there. And guess what?!? This time I beat all of the other girls, with a time of 1:44:50. And I got to keep my authentic (and really heavy) Warsteiner glass stein. Yes!





Oktoberfest, you always treat us right. Until next year!

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