Saturday, August 30, 2014

Four Years {Riley}

My baby boy is four years old today. FOUR. That’s almost one whole hand old!

At the age of four Riley weighs 38.4 pounds and stands 42.5 inches tall. He wears a 4-5T in shirts, a 3-4T in pants, and a size 10-10.5 shoe. I take both boys to Dr. N in a few weeks for their next round of check-ups, and I am very interested to see what their percentages are.

Here’s his new and improved birthday interview. I loved hearing how much some of his answers changed from last year.


So what can I say about my four-year-old on the occasion of his birthday? He is still headstrong and stubborn, that’s for sure. Once he gets it in his head to say something or do something, there’s very little stopping him. On the other hand, he is very sweet and caring, telling us “I love you” all the time.

His other favorite phrase is “I have to tell you something.” He says this many, many, MANY times throughout the day. It can be very important or it can be extremely mundane. (Mostly it’s the latter.)

He loves his brother but sometimes doesn’t realize he has to be more careful with him. They love “racing” around the house with their ride-on toys, but Riley often gets a little carried away and pushes Rory out of the way, occasionally knocking him down. And he doesn’t want to share all the time but he ultimately is very accommodating to his little brother. I have to just remind myself that he’s only four and he’s still learning, too.

He is not quite as adventurous with his food choices these days, but he is very good about trying at least one bite. I am so proud of him for that.

His imagination is becoming more and more vivid. In the past few months he has started talking about monsters coming to get him, which in all likelihood stems from what he watches on tv. But he is also making up different scenarios while he plays, and some of them are very detailed and specific, which impresses me to no end.

He loves making plans. He will outline the next few things on his agenda while in the middle of something else or even plan out what he wants to do later in the day.

He loves playing bad guys, especially with Jack at school. This apparently involves chasing the “creepy girls” and trying to “knock down the tree” in the schoolyard. He has actually gotten a couple of time-outs because of this, but we’ve talked with him about it and we’re hoping the bad behavior stops.

He still loves him some trucks.

We aren’t sure he is taking a nap at school, but when he’s at home he does nap pretty well. And he still sleeps great at night, although sometimes it seems like he’s not ready to go to bed at 7:30. He went through a little phase when he wanted to sleep with his door open, but it didn’t last very long.

He’s been talking a lot about heaven lately, possibly because they’ve talked about it at school. He got a little emotional at the dinner table one night, telling me he didn’t want to go to heaven because he would miss his toys. And he didn’t think God would let him bring Giraffey and Blanket with him since they’re only toys and they’re not real. Gulp. I’m still trying to figure out how best to respond when he talks about this, but I basically told him that heaven was not a scary place and that maybe God has toys up there but that I hoped he wouldn’t have to go to heaven for a very long time. Wow.

He and I have been butting heads a bit lately. He doesn’t always listen to me, which frustrates me to no end. And he sometimes says hurtful things towards me. Even though I know I shouldn’t take them to heart, I do. When he tells me “I don’t want you to be my mama” and “I want to put you on top of the garbage truck” and “you’re the meanest mama ever” I can’t help but get a little upset.

He amazes me with how observant he is and how well he speaks and what words he uses. We may have some trouble with handwriting, but he really is so smart and I am loving watching his brain continue to develop.

He came into our lives four years ago, on August 30, 2010, at 5:03pm. And we are so grateful that he did. It is our pleasure to know him and to be his parents. We love you, Riley-bean!


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

One Heck of a Weekend

Last weekend was super busy for us from Friday night all the way to Sunday afternoon. We had a school-related outing, two birthday parties, and three meals with family. Cub and Car were in town for the weekend, so we got to spend lots of time with them. Riley, his fascination with Car still going strong, loved that.

We made a brief stop at Nola and Nopsi’s house on Friday evening to see Cub and Car and to have a quick dinner before going to a fun event for Riley’s school: City Park Night. We went last year, and it was so much fun. It was an even better time this year since we know a lot more of the school families. Riley had a blast running around with Jack, Cole, Sophia, and Claire.

IMAG2793 IMAG2802


IMAG2805 IMAG2812



Rory even had fun staying up WAY past his bedtime and only getting a bit whiny. Towards the end of the night, all he wanted to do was walk around the carousel, so that’s what we did. Silly boy.




The next morning was Sophia’s birthday party at BooKoo Bounce. The theme was Frozen (of course) and Queen Elsa even made an appearance! Riley, however, did not get up from his seat at the table to go see her. He was too immersed in his cupcake.


IMG_7365 IMG_7367


IMG_7369 IMG_7371

We headed straight from the party to meet my fam at Company Burger for lunch. SO good.



We laid low on Saturday night, putting the boys to bed at a reasonable hour (as opposed to 11pm the night before) and watching some of the Saints game. Then the next morning we went down to the Marigny for breakfast with the fam at the Ruby Slipper Café. The menu looked better on paper than it did in front of me, but we enjoyed spending more time with Cub and Car before they left to go back home.




After breakfast, we went back home, put Rory down for a nap, ate lunch, and then got on the road again. Zac’s birthday party was that afternoon in Prairieville. Jaimi planned a really cute Lego-themed celebration, and we all had a good time.




We didn’t get home until almost 6, so we gave the boys a quick dinner and bath and got them both into bed. And then Kenny and I collapsed onto the sofa, staring at the tv and not even eating dinner until we finally mustered up the energy to crawl into bed ourselves.

It sure was one heck of a weekend.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Ten Things

1. Brothers hugging.


Brothers snacking.


Brothers coloring.


Brothers bothering.


Brothers watching.


Brothers perching.


2. This is what the little one often does when asked “Where’s Rory?”


3. “You mean you didn’t want me to empty my dresser drawers and scatter all of my neatly folded clothes all over my room, Mama? My bad.”


4. Foot in mouth.


5. Looking super cute in his new turtle romper from Nola and Nopsi.

IMG_7177 IMG_7179


6. Afternoon snack of goldfish and teething rings. Yum.


IMG_7241 IMG_7245


7. A picture with my oldest boy shortly after his return from a second week at Grandma’s.


8. Even a busted lip didn’t hide his smile for very long.


9. Boys accessorize too!

IMG_7292 DSC_3048

10. Our final Wacky Wednesday outing was the day before Riley’s first day of school. We spent a fun morning at the aquarium.


IMG_7270 IMG_7273


IMG_7289 IMG_7283


Have a wonderful week, everyone!

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