Monday, August 18, 2014

JT at the Arena

On Sunday night two weeks ago, Nola and I were downtown at the New Orleans Arena for a very important event: the Justin Timberlake 20/20 Experience Concert. Lizzie, her sister Ashley, Jacque, Scott, and his sister Christy went to see him as well. (Yes, Scott went with his wife to a Justin Timberlake concert the night after their wedding.) A huge shout out to Jacque for getting us the tickets. THANK YOU, JACQUE!!!


Nola and I actually had no idea where our seats would be, and we were very pleasantly surprised when we found where we would be. Our view was awesome. We were pretty close to one of the little “balconies” at the front edge of the stage, and JT walked over to it a few times during the show.


IMG_7106 IMG_7111


IMG_7113 IMG_7123IMG_7128 IMG_7119


Then something happened that I had never seen before during a live show: the whole front piece of the stage rose up into the air and moved the entire length of the arena floor, with JT and members of his band continuing to perform and dance on top of it as it traveled down its track. So cool.


IMG_7140 IMG_7141IMG_7142 IMG_7144


They actually stayed at the back of the arena for a few numbers, giving those people a chance to see JT lot better. I loved that he did this; it made everyone feel more connected to him, even those way up in the seats near the top.



All in all, it was a fantastic show, and Nola and I had such a great time. Both of us agreed we could watch that man dance for hours. He certainly knows how to rock his body and bring the sexy back, all at the same time.


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