Friday, August 15, 2014

First Day of Pre-K 4 {Riley}

Yesterday was Riley’s first day of PK4. Like last year, the preschoolers only went for an hour and a half before they were dismissed. His first full day is today.

I of course made him suffer through a “Back to School” photo session before we left the house, and I’m not sure if he did any better than last year. But I did get some decent shots of my big grown-up boy before he became completely uncooperative.


DSC_2970 DSC_2994


DSC_2979 DSC_2982


When we got to school, there was already a line of parents and students waiting outside to be allowed in. Riley passed the time with Claire, Aiden, and Abdul, who were in line with their families right behind us.




Then we were filing in and going to show Riley his classroom (in the big school!) for the first time. He held Kenny’s hand as we walked down the hall, looking left and right and taking everything in.


When we reached Mrs. Amelie’s classroom, Riley gave her a first-day-of-school treat: a mason jar filled with two kinds of Nola’s cookies. Mrs. Amelie, who apparently has quite the sweet tooth, said she loved her gift.

DSC_3012 DSC_3013


Kenny and I helped Riley put his things away in his cubby and find his seat at his table. There was a nametag for him to wear, as well as a coloring sheet for him to color on while everyone else was arriving.




Once all of the students were present and settled, Mrs. Amelie called them to the carpet so she could read them a story, The Kissing Hand. All of the parents got to stand in the back and listen, too. Riley actually participated by raising his hand and answering Mrs. Amelie’s question when called upon. And then they all came to give their parents “kissing hands” once the story was over. So sweet; that brought a tear to my eye.





After that, it was our time to leave. We took a quick picture with our PK4 boy, said goodbyes, and left. He didn’t even look up from his seat at his table when we walked out; I think he’s going to be just fine.


I went home to get Rory (who had stayed with QP), fed him a fast lunch, and was back in the car heading to school again before I even knew it. Dana and I had planned to take the kids to Chick-Fil-A for lunch after their meet and greets, and Wendy, Kelli, and Adrienne were able to bring their kids as well. Luckily, the play area was fixed and open for business, and the kids had such fun playing together for almost two hours.






I think it’s gonna be a good year.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


QP said... Best Blogger Tips

He's going to rule the school! So stinkin cute.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Tjat was a very pleasent blog- I loved all the pictures.especially the one holding the little girl;s hand, Hus Grams

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