Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Foam Dough Fun

Last Thursday I decided we needed a break from what had become our routine the past few days, so Riley and I did something super fun while Rory was taking his morning nap: we made our own play dough.



I found the recipe on one of my Pinterest boards, asked Riley if he wanted to do it, gathered the supplies, stripped Riley down to his undies, and set everything up in the kitchen.

DSC_3764 DSC_3772


This particular stuff is called foam dough, and all it consists of is equal parts cornstarch and shaving cream. We of course also added a few drops of green food coloring.



Once completely mixed together, the dough is pretty different from regular Playdough. It’s much softer, less pliable and less dense, and fairly crumbly. It will stay together, but not nearly as well as the original stuff.



The dough started out contained in a baking pan, but quickly escaped onto Riley’s green tray and then somehow strewed itself all over the kitchen floor. I have no idea how that happened. None at all.



The good part about the stuff is that it was super easy to brush off of the wonk potatoes (and me) and to vacuum up off of the floor. Plus, my kitchen smelled really good afterwards!


This activity was so much fun for both of us. I really have to start doing more of the things I’ve pinned, especially since I won’t have him during the day for very much longer…..he starts school way too soon. Sniff.

A very Happy {First} Birthday to my sweet goddaughter today… you, Kate!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Everybody Pees…..Sometimes

Ah, the dreaded potty training.

That time finally came for Riley-bean two Saturdays ago when I realized it was our very last completely free weekend before he starts school on August 16. So we really didn’t have a choice; we had to start.

Kenny and I actually went out to dinner the night before (thanks for watching the boys, Nola and Nopsi) and discussed what our plan would be. We knew we were highly unprepared, but we had to press forward and do the best we could.


We decided we would pump Riley full of any type of drink he wanted (Gatorade, juice, milk, root beer, etc.) and then make him sit on the potty every 20 minutes. We set a timer to help us remember and also alert Riley that it was time to try again. While on the potty, we read lots of books and also drew on the Magna Doodle. While not on the potty, we watched a lot of Mickey and movies (Little Mermaid, Tangled, Monsters Inc., How to Train Your Dragon) and also played with trucks a bit.


Every time Riley sat on the potty and tried to go, whether he went or not, he got to pick out a sticker and put it on his potty progress sign. We taped the sign up on the wall right outside of the downstairs half bath, which we designated our main base of operations.


If Riley had a successful attempt, we drew a squiggly circle around that particular sticker (each day got a different color marker), and he also got two pieces of candy, M&Ms or candy corn. We also decided that if he went two times in a row, he got a prize. Kenny went to Toys ‘R Us at lunch on Friday and picked up some trucks for this purpose.

IMG_2435 IMG_2440

However, our mistake was displaying said trucks in the bathroom as an enticement. Riley constantly said he had gone when he really hadn’t, just because he wanted the new trucks. So we altered our plan a bit and gave him a truck each time he successfully went, along with his sticker and candy. It wasn’t what we really wanted to do, but he was insistent on wanting the trucks, and it actually worked pretty well. When we were out of trucks, he just got the stickers and candy.


After a horrible start first thing on Saturday morning (there was much kicking and screaming and refusing to wear underwear…..good times), he ended up getting six “potty trucks” and was successful on the potty a total of 13 times. The first time he went, Kenny and I went nuts, dancing around doing a silly potty dance and singing praises. It was a proud moment. Of course, he also had multiple accidents, but what else can you expect for his first day without a diaper?

IMG_2443 IMG_2446

We convinced him to wear his big boy underwear in the beginning of the day but, after a couple of accidents, he ended up being naked except for a shirt after that. We skipped his nap to continue the training, and he was so exhausted by the end of that first day. We all were.


Day Two was more of the same: pump full of liquids and try every 20 minutes, with stickers and candy for rewards. We let him go naked at first but then made him try the underwear again. He had more accidents than the first day, and Kenny and I worried he was already regressing. However, we did make him take a nap and put a diaper on him for it. Surprisingly, he woke up completely dry and immediately went on the potty right after. Awesome.


Day Three was just me and the boys since Kenny had to go to work. We decided not to use the timer anymore, to give Riley normal amounts of milk and juice, and to take him to the potty every 45 minutes or so. He was in underwear most of the day until we ran out of clean ones around lunchtime (oops; forgot to do laundry). He went naked until his nap but peed all over the hardwood floor downstairs right before I was going to put him down. Argh. But he did wake up from his nap dry again and went on the potty right after.


All in all, he had three accidents (including one number two, which he hadn’t done since Friday), so it wasn’t too bad of a day. And, he finally told me he had to go before he actually went late in the day. A huge success, which earned him another potty truck. He also asked to sleep in his underwear (another huge success), which we put on over a diaper. (We decided we would put a diaper on him overnight until we start nighttime training. God only knows when that will be.)


He had a very good morning on Day Four; however, he started crying wolf around lunchtime. Then, just before his nap, he told me he had to go while peeing through his underwear onto the floor in his room. Super. But then, on Day Five we had a breakthrough: no accidents! He didn’t ever tell me himself that he had to go (I relied on the clock instead), but I was proud of him nonetheless and at least my floors stayed clean.

IMG_2519 IMG_2520


However, we still have a long road ahead of us. The next four days were sadly not accident-free, including his first public puddle in the middle of Toys ‘R Us with Grandma on Friday. (Kind of ironic considering they were shopping for a potty present.) He also had three number two accidents at Kate’s first birthday party on Saturday. (Gross.) And on a day I thought would be accident-free (even while we were out running errands), he peed all over the dining room floor right before dinner on Sunday night. While looking directly at me. Awesome.


We also still have not even begun the task of teaching him how to pull his pants down and back up or how to wipe himself if he needs to. All I can think about is how fast August 16 is going to get here.


But then, a small ray of light emerged from the storm clouds yesterday. He had another accident-free day, including telling me twice that he had to go before he went and even asking to go try number two once late in the day. So. Proud. And you can bet that earned him another potty truck.


And so this, the most challenging part of parenthood we have experienced yet, goes on. Wish us luck…..much luck.

Monday, July 29, 2013

More Random Rory


IMG_2326 IMG_2407


Supposed to be sleeping…..


Trying to roll…..


Watching Mickey intently…..


Making a huge mess…..

IMG_2491 IMG_2501IMG_2496 IMG_2504


IMG_7417 IMG_7418

Hanging with Mama…..

DSC_3731 DSC_3739




Nuff said.

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Quotable Riley-bean, Part Seven

June 25: (Nola: My favorite thing is the ocean, not the sand. What’s your favorite thing?) *pauses* Rocks ‘n stuff.


DSC_2732 DSC_2733

July 4: (UJ: What does Nopsi use this wagon for?) Plants, bags, and children.


July 5: I did not find giraffey. He must be around here somewhere, but I did not find him…..that was exasperating!


July 7: (while drumming on the counter) Do you like the song I was playing? (Aunt E: I do! What’s the name of it?) Baby, Let’s Go Up In the Trees!


July 8: (Me: Buddy, don’t pick your nose.) I was just trying to get my booger. (Uh-oh….like mother, like son.)


July 15: Mama said I have five minutes. Come downstairs, I wanna play downstairs! (Kenny: Okay, Buddy, have fun storming the castle!) No, no, come downstairs; I need help storming the castle!

DSC_3664 DSC_3669

July 16: I’m trying to find the little yellow dump truck, but I don’t know where it is. *pauses* It’s a goner.

IMG_2393 IMG_2403


July 18: *burps* (Me: Goodness, that was a big one! What do you say?) *laughs* Excuse me! (Me: Piggy. Piggy Riley-bean.) *laughs* Accidents happen!

IMG_2412 IMG_2417

July 19: (Grandma: That’s a nice song you’re singing, Riley. What’s the name of it?) It’s the treehouse song! *pauses* That’s by Beethoven.


July 21: I liiiike cake. It’s so very tasty… has ice on it!


Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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