Thursday, July 27, 2017

Summer Days 2017: Part Three

Part Three of our summer days starts on July 3, when I took the boys on an afternoon movie date to see Despicable Me 3. It was pretty silly, but they liked it. And the music was on point.


A few days later, we went to see another movie, this time with Grandma. The Orpheum was showing Moana for free, so we took advantage and went to see the boys’ current favorite on the big screen. And Grandma finally got to see what the fuss was all about. Such a neat experience. I especially loved when Rory said out loud when Hei Hei first came onto the screen, “He’s a dumb chicken.” The people in front of us laughed out loud.


IMG_9576 IMG_9580


IMG_9581 IMG_9578


The next day we went to the Cool Zoo with school friends. This outing had been pushed back multiple times for one reason or another, but we were finally all able to make it. Aunt E brought Kate and Luke too. The kids had a great time, but then the staff was forced to close the lazy river and splash area because of bad weather. We hung around for about another hour but then hightailed it out of there when really dark clouds loomed too close. And Diana and I had the same idea: we both stopped at Casey’s for snoballs before going home.





The next week was Lego camp for Riley. It took place in the afternoon at Jazzercise, and our friend Sharifa was the teacher. Riley chose to do the dinosaur camp again, just like he did last year. But he had a great time!




On Friday of that same week (July 14), all four grandkids slept at Nola and Nopsi’s house while the four kids went to Lula. They had a picnic dinner in the living room while watching Moana (of course), and Nopsi made a fort out of the dining room table, which is where the three older ones slept. They then proceeded to eat Nola’s cinnamon rolls, fruit, and an entire 12 oz. package of bacon the next morning for breakfast. Such a fun night for everyone!





Two days later, on Sunday the 16th, Grandma and Grandpa picked up both boys and brought them to Mandeville for three nights. They did lots of Lego and truck battling and even went to the farm for a day. Oh, and Riley lost another tooth while he was there! Kenny and I enjoyed our parental time off, but we were glad to get our boys back on Wednesday evening.



IMG_9702 IMG_9703


Last Thursday was our annual school shoe shopping day. We went to Ponseti’s in Clearview. Riley did a bouncing session afterward, but Rory didn’t want to, so we just watched big brother, who is still too chicken to try flips.

IMG_9714 IMG_9715

IMG_9718 IMG_9719


Later that same afternoon we met our school friends at the Grand Theatre to see Cars 3. We took up an entire row and had a great time.




One more Summer Days post to go. School starts in just TWO weeks!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Ten Things

1. These two really do love each other. Most of the time.

IMG_9297 IMG_9308

2. Playing Daddy’s drums!


3. The boys had an awesome time at Cooper’s birthday party at the JCC pool. It was great to see all of Rory’s little friends again!


IMG_9608 IMG_9609IMG_9613 IMG_9615


4. Celebrating Grandma’s birthday in Mandeville with takeout from Trey Yuen and games on a Sunday afternoon. The boys loved playing dominoes for the first time. Totally reminded me of days Jeff and I used to spend with Grammy and Bop.


IMG_9623 IMG_9624


5. Goofing around with all of their stuffed animals.


6. Rory wanted to stop and see the fire truck but he didn’t want to take a picture. I made him anyway.


7. Playdate at Aunt E’s house!




8. Working on his 2nd grade workbook. Not sure we’ll have it done before school starts, but he’s making good progress and seems to enjoy most of the pages.

IMG_9654 IMG_9655

9. Aunt E, Uncle Jeff, Kenny, and I had a really great night out a couple of weeks ago. We went to Lula, a fairly new restaurant and distillery on St. Charles. The food was just okay, but the drinks were great. We even got to meet Morgan, the master distiller, who makes Lula’s rum, vodka, and gin. So cool!



IMG_9668 IMG_9669


IMG_9676 IMG_9677



10. Outside weekend fun!


20170716_115026 20170716_115031


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