Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Cruisin’ Cousins, Part Three {Belize}

We anchored off the coast of Belize on the morning of October 5. Jeff, Cub, and I caught a tender ashore, but Cub was not feeling well, on account of his libations the night before, so he decided to skip our planned excursion and go back to the ship.

Jeff and I were good to go, though, so we hopped on a bus with our awesome guide Tracey and headed to our ziplining and cave tubing adventure at the Chukka Jaguar Paw Outpost. The ride was about an hour and 15 minutes, so we got to see lots of Belize on our way. It is a poor country but the people are wonderful. Everyone we encountered was so nice.


Jeff and I were in a group that ziplined first, so we got our gear on and climbed up to the amphitheater for our safety briefing. It was very hot and humid out, rainforest-like.




We did five zips total. None of the lines was very long, but it was still fun!


After shedding our gear, we grabbed tubes and helmets with lights and walked 20 minutes to the start of the tubing portion. The water was super cold but the scenery was amazing. And our guide, Rue, was awesome. The inside of the cave was really cool. Pretty pink and orange colored rock with some neat formations too. And we saw a tiny bat!



IMG_1364 IMG_1367IMG_1368 IMG_1365


IMG_1370 IMG_1371

Tubing lasted about 25 minutes. Once we were out of the water, we walked back to the main area, got our stuff out of our locker, and went to find some lunch. We had one of the best meals of the trip this day: chicken, rice and beans, and coleslaw, plus a really good local beer called Belikin. SO good.


We got on the bus for the ride back to the port area, and everyone promptly fell asleep. It was a fairly strenuous morning of climbing and walking, but we had a great time. When we arrived at the cruise terminal, Jeff and I got stamps on our passports, wandered the shops a bit, and then took a tender back to the ship.



Jeff and I both worried about Cub most of the day, though, and we hoped he was feeling better. It turns out he got a second wind, took another tender back to the dock, bar-hopped around Belize City with a local named George all day long and barely caught the last tender back to the ship. Insane.

IMG_6920 IMG_6929IMG_6927 IMG_6923

We all went to dinner that night but Cub didn’t quite make it through the meal. Impressive specimen tired. And sunburned. Super sunburned.


As the sun set, we made our way to our final (and favorite!) port of the trip.


Recap of Roatan coming up next!


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