Monday, December 9, 2013

Kids’ Christmas Party

Karen emailed all of the girls a few weeks ago and asked us if we would be interested in getting together for a kids Christmas party sometime this month. She thought we could have the kids do some crafts and then have dinner one day after school.


We all jumped on the idea right away and settled on a date fairly easily. The chosen day was last Friday, so I picked Riley up from school, changed him into the suggested PJ attire, and headed straight to Karen’s house for some Christmas fun.


The kids made two different kinds of ornaments, a jingle bell reindeer necklace, and also decorated gingerbread man sugar cookies. Riley, of course, wanted to play with Nathan’s trucks more than anything else, but he did participate in the first ornament activity. That was more than I thought he would do.




Rory of course came too, although Kenny stopped to pick him up on his way home from work so he wasn’t up too late. He had fun watching the big kids, and he especially loved flirting with Emory. She is such a cutie.



DSC_9066 DSC_9068

We had a few things to munch on as appetizers, and then Karen made dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets and taco soup for dinner. I decided to get a little fancy with dessert and made four different things for us to sample. My kitchen smelled awesome for two days straight.


After they were done crafting and eating, the kids went nuts. They tore around the house screeching and laughing and just generally being loud and obnoxious. Riley was chasing and roaring at Julia with two dinosaurs in his hands, and he and Jack also played really well together for awhile. I hope being at the same school brings those two closer together.




Everyone agreed that we would try our best to make this an annual tradition because it was just so much fun. I love that all of our kids seem to genuinely like hanging out with each other.


Even when one of them is roaring incessantly at another.

But I have no idea who that kid belongs to.


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Again Courtney another memory- I think it is wonderful for them = Hugs, Grams

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