Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Bundle Up and Go

On Sunday afternoon once we had woken up both boys from their naps and Rory had a bottle and Riley had a snack, we decided to go for a walk to our neighborhood playground. By the time we had dressed everyone sufficiently for the cold, it was pretty late but we went anyway.


Riley jumped out of the wagon as soon as we rolled up onto the blacktop and he was off. He went from the swings to the tunnel to the blue slide to the yellow slide. His energy was boundless, and I was glad we pushed him to get out of the house.


He probably would have been very content to stay inside his cozy house with his raisins and juice and watch turtles but instead he ran around trying to stay warm in the brisk December air. He also tripped and fell and cut his bottom lip a bit while we were out there, but that’s neither here nor there. He’s all good.


Rory even had his first go in a swing while we were there. His hat was too small and his pants wouldn’t stay down so his ears and legs were awfully cold, but he loved the swing. Especially when his brother came over to push him.


IMAG1585 IMAG1590IMAG1591 IMAG1589

Since it was starting to get dark while we were on our walk home, Christmas lights were turning on up and down our street. We bypassed our house to see some of them, and Riley was so excited. He loves looking at all of the lights and decorations so I’m really glad we took the extra time.


Our warm house never felt so good when we finally got back, but I wouldn’t have traded our afternoon out for anything. I love spending quality time with my boys!


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Again a wonderful memory- Sure looks like fun and I loved Rory in the swing- Hugs, Grams

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