Friday, December 12, 2014

Oh What Fun! {2014 Christmas Card}

Remember our trip to Global Wildlife a few weeks ago? Well, I purposefully dressed the boys in the hopes that I would get an opportunity to take our Christmas card picture that day. And I did!


DSC_4981 DSC_4984


When we got off the tram at the end of our tour, I had the boys stand on a bench near the loading area and crossed my fingers. Kenny and Debbie were dancing around behind me, in an attempt to get the boys to laugh.


I told Riley to laugh because every time I tell him to smile these days he squints. And I figured if Riley was laughing, there was a good chance Rory would, and show those precious dimples of his in the process.


DSC_4996 DSC_4997


And that’s exactly what happened.

Oh, and this happened too. No one was harmed though.


The entire shoot lasted all of two minutes. We changed the boys’ position once, the second of which was much better (thanks, Ken). I took a total of 22 shots and got some great options. I picked my favorite, worked some magic in PicMonkey, and voila! Our 2014 Christmas card.


Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


Kenny said... Best Blogger Tips

O what fun it was getting those boys to laugh!!!

QP said... Best Blogger Tips

So stinkin cute.

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