Friday, January 16, 2015

The Last Two Weekends

We have had lots of fun around here the last two weekends. Riley wanted to sleep over at Nola and Nopsi’s before going back to school after the holidays, and luckily they had no plans on Saturday the 3rd. They also graciously offered to keep Rory as well so Kenny and I could have a fun night out.

And boy did we ever. We started with a fantastic dinner at Peche, where I discovered fried bread balls. DELICIOUS. Then we dropped by Scott and Jacque’s condo for chocolate martinis, after which we walked over to Tommy’s Wine Bar for just one more cocktail (port for Kenny and an eggnog martini for me). And then, as if we hadn’t had enough, we swung by the Bulldog for a beer before we finally headed home. Such a fun night with my love. Thanks, Baby!

20150103_191250 IMG_8854IMG_8868 IMG_8862

Oh and then I spent most of the next afternoon getting a sugar scrub, tub soak, massage, and pedicure at the Woodhouse Spa. Certainly a winning weekend for me.

We saw Scott and Jacque the next weekend as well, at a surprise party Jacque threw for Scott on Friday night. It was held at the Foundation Room, and he was completely shocked when he walked in and saw a roomful of people waiting for him. Big thanks to AD#1 for watching the boys while we were out!


IMG_8893 IMG_8895


On Saturday we decided to take the boys to Sector 6 to play for an hour. They had a ball, and Kenny got to see just how much fun it is.






The KidJump sessions end at 10am, too early to go to lunch. We debated what to do as we were leaving, and we unbelievably ended up at the movie theater nearby. It just so happened that a showing of Big Hero 6 started at 10:30, so we decided to go. Rory was a bit of a challenge, but we made it through the whole thing. And Riley laughed out loud more than once. It was a great movie.


We played outside a lot the next day, including setting up the boys’ new bouncy house in the backyard. Then later, Kenny handled bath and bedtime so I could go over to Nola and Nopsi’s house to watch the Golden Globes. Kenny cares not a whit for award shows, so he was happy to stay home and watch anything else while the boys slept. But he made a decadent treat for me to take over there: kingcake bread pudding. So rich and so tasty.


More fun coming up this weekend. Hope everyone has a good one!


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