Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Rory’s Birthday

Rory’s birthday fell on a Monday this year, and I unfortunately had to wake him up so we could get Riley to school.


But I made it up to him by stopping for doughnuts on the way home. He picked a sprinkle one, of which he took one bite. But he did eat two doughnut holes.


We went off to Jazzercise as usual, but we left a bit early so I could take the birthday boy someplace special.


I took Rory to Toys ‘R Us so he could choose his birthday presents from Kenny and me. He picked out three things: a car carrier, a little train set, and a set of rescue vehicles. Happy boy!


I picked up a Wendy’s hamburger and fries for his lunch. We of course had to drive by his machines before going home to eat.


He ate, took a nap, and then we went to get Riley. We stopped by the grocery on the way home so Rory could pick out a birthday treat. Riley spotted a spring kingcake, so we got that in addition to Rory’s selection of a chunk of birthday cake. We had the kingcake right when we got home for snack, and Rory took a grand total of one bite.


Nola and Nopsi came by that evening to give Rory his birthday present. Nopsi worked hard to make Nola’s gift idea happen: he built Rory his own sandbox. He installed it in our backyard over the weekend, filled it with sand while we were at Jazzercise Monday morning, and covered it until the evening.

Nopsi had some extra sand, so he spread it in a low spot in our yard. The boys had a ball in the extra sand before they even noticed the sandbox.


But then Rory spotted his gift.


Nopsi did a great job. He painted the 4’x8’ box green and stenciled construction machines on the sides in yellow. Rory checked it out and inspected Nopsi’s work.


Nopsi lifted the top (with a rope attached to hook it to the back fence) and the boys climbed right in. And it wasn’t long before they piled trucks in there with them.






Thanks for doing such a great job on this, Nopsi; I think it’s a hit!




When Kenny and I were finally able to drag the boys inside, we brushed them off so they could finish their dinner: a snack dinner, the birthday boy’s request.


Then we put candles in his birthday cake and sang to the big three-year-old.


He refused to take even one bite. Stinker.

He played a quick game of ball with his brother and his daddy, and then it was time to get ready for bed. His special day was over.


His birthday celebration continued the next afternoon, though, when Grandma and Grandpa came over to give him his gifts. They got him another “cutie π” shirt, a huge digger, and a smaller skid steer loader.


IMG_6973 IMG_6977


This child is obsessed with opening presents almost as much as he is with trucks and machines.

Party recap coming up next!


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