Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Sand Pile Play, Part Two

Aunt E and Uncle Jeff asked us to watch Kate and Luke for a couple of hours last Saturday while they went to a funeral, and we were more than happy to oblige. They dropped them off just after 9am, and we packed up shortly after that to head to the sand pile.

I had warned Erin that was our plan for the morning, so she dressed Kate appropriately. Kate doesn’t always like getting dirty, but I just explained to her that it would be like playing at the beach and that we would clean her up afterward. She seemed okay with that, although she did say she didn’t want to get sand in her eyes because it would burn. Duly noted.

We set off down the block with the four kids, three trucks, the wagon, a chair, and the stroller. I also attempted to give Luke a bottle as we walked. We must have looked pretty funny, although a few of my neighbors told us what a beautiful family we were. Ha!

When we got to the sand, the three older kids didn’t hesitate at all and climbed right up the mountain of sand. Kenny set me up in the shade so I could sit and finish feeding Luke and watch them play.


20160227_100011 20160227_095714


20160227_100051 20160227_095804(0)


The big red excavator was in a different spot than the last time, but it was still close to the pile. Kenny snapped a quick pic of the kids inside the scoop and then I called them over to me. My only rule was no throwing sand. They listened and told me they would obey. And they did!






Luke drained his bottle, spit up a few times, and then rewarded me with some smiles and coos. It was so nice to spend some time with him outside of his witching hour. He’s so darn cute. When he got fussy, I popped him in his stroller and walked up and down the block with him.




We stayed out at the pile for about an hour and a half and had such a fun time. Then we walked back home (Luke asleep in his stroller) and the kids jumped in the little bouncy house for a bit before having a picnic lunch on the driveway.

IMG_6606 IMG_6611IMG_6613 IMG_6609

It was such a beautiful day to spend outside, and it was so great having Kate and Luke with us. Glad we could watch them for y’all, Aunt E and Uncle Jeff!


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