Monday, March 14, 2016

Three Years Old {Rory}

Three years ago today, at 5:23pm to be exact, this little boy made us a family of four.


He is sweetness personified. He is silly. He is stubborn. He loves his brother. He is definitely a mama’s boy. He’s our Rory.

At three years old, Rory weighs 31.6 pounds and stands about 38 inches tall. He wears a 3-4T size shirt, 2-3T size pants, and size 8-9 shoes.

Here’s what’s been happening with Rory the past 6 months:

  • When I ask him if he’s my sweet boy, he nods his head. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other sides to his personality. He’s sometimes stubborn and defiant (Just like his brother, and just like me. Great.) and cops a whiny attitude with me when he doesn’t get his way. But he can also be really goofy.
  • He is not nearly as adventurous an eater as Riley was, and he still has texture issues, but he does eat a good variety of things. He still loves fruit, most meats, broccoli, and carrots. He also likes tomatoes. And he loves bread and chips. A carb lover, just like his mama! Except for pasta. He does not like that, or cheese. Strange. But he does like chocolate; he often has M&Ms for his nightly treat.
  • He no longer wants plain water; he’s been converted to juice. He drinks half water-half apple juice out of a cup with a straw; he never took to the hard spout sippy cups that his brother used.
  • He still takes one nap a day, usually for about 2 hours. And he usually sleeps great at night.
  • What we thought might happen did in fact happen. He started talking in mid-November, essentially in full sentences. And he hasn’t stopped since. He picks up on words very quickly; it amazes me how he just knows what things are and doesn’t have to ask. He was simply taking everything in during his first two years and biding his time.
  • He’s starting to sing his ABCs and we’re working on his numbers, although he refuses to say “four.” No idea why.
  • Some of my favorite phrases of his are “oh-tay”, “I not tah-zy!”, “jus a moment”, “I all done”, “I comin’!”, and “you’re going down.” Not sure where he picked up that last one from, but it’s so darn funny when he said it to Nopsi out of the blue one afternoon a couple of weeks ago.
  • He LOVES anything with wheels, especially construction vehicles and garbage trucks.
  • He’s a fast little sucker, racing around the house, chasing after his brother, climbing up the stairs, or running into his room.
  • He knows all of his colors, but his favorite is orange.
  • He picks at things just like his brother did at this age.
  • His dimples and giggles are the cutest.
  • He LOVES books and often insists on having a book in his lap whenever we’re in the car.
  • He is very attached to his tiger, little tiger, and blanket.
  • He is not potty trained yet. We have 5 months to get that done before he starts school!
  • Whenever I drop him off at the nursery at Jazzercise, he tilts his face up to mine and gives me a kiss. So sweet.

Three years old!


Happy happy birthday, Sweetness.


Nola said... Best Blogger Tips

He IS sweetness. Happy, HAPPY birthday, Rory.

QP said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy birthday, ma petit!

AD#1 said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy, Happy Birthday to the sweetest 3-year-old ever!

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