Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Very Good Friday

Kenny was off on Good Friday this year, so I quickly came up with a fun family plan for the day. We had a leisurely morning at home, during which Riley decided to make Jesus on the cross out of Legos. Take that how you will.


Then we headed to Lakeview to try out The Backyard for lunch. It’s a cute little place on Harrison Avenue near the 17th Street Canal that has a great outdoor patio space, including a small play structure for kids. And they serve beer. Best. Concept. Ever.


IMG_7190 IMG_7198


Kenny and I split two delicious sandwiches: the pulled pork and the softshell crab. Both were great. We also tried the muffaletta deviled eggs, which sounded better than they tasted. But the kids loved their hamburger, chicken bites, and French fries. Such a fun time.


Also, how is it that wherever we go these days we find big machines to watch??? Such is my life right now.

IMG_7195 IMG_7204

Since it was such a beautiful day out, we didn’t go home after lunch. Instead, we drove to Albany, LA and to Mrs. Heather’s strawberry farm. We’ve visited her pumpkin patch many, many times, but we had never been to pick strawberries before.


We were a little late in the day and early in the season, but we managed to pick about half a flat. Lots of the berries just weren’t ready yet, and many others were rotten, but I can imagine what the fields look like when they are in all of their red glory.


IMG_7218 IMG_7217


I figured that Rory would love picking his favorite fruit, but there was also a sand pile to play in, and that seems to trump all right now. And there were swings, slides, a jumping pillow, hay bales, and a tub full of corn. The boys had a blast.



20160325_145614 20160325_145635




IMG_7236 IMG_7238



We played for a while and then went to pick more strawberries before we left. There were lots of fields to choose from and we looked in most of them, but we were just too early in the year. But we did enjoy the heck out of the beautiful day.



Indeed, it was a Very Good Friday.


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Family fun! Such good parents...

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