Monday, March 21, 2016

Ten Things

1. Grandma and Kenny took Riley to a reptile exhibit at the Alario Center on the Westbank at the end of February. He got to hold a ball python and saw lots of other snakes, lizards, and scorpions. He loved it!


20160227_145045 20160227_145418


2. Crazy bathtime hair!


20160227_175203 20160227_175334


3. Two totally different sides of the little one. I love both of them so much.

IMG_6708 IMG_6813

4. Rory melted down when I told him we couldn’t go play in the sand one weekday morning. So pitiful.


But then he finally agreed to go out back and watch his digger at work. After a few minutes a very nice worker dumped out a bucket full of sand next to our back fence and gave him a little trowel so he could fill up his dump truck. He was very happy after that!

IMG_6786 IMG_6788IMG_6793 IMG_6796

He’s going to be very, very sad when the project is finished and all of these machines go away.

IMG_6820 IMG_6825

5. My niece and nephew are the cutest. So glad I got the chance to love on Luke on St. Patrick’s Day. He had his green on, so no pinching necessary.

IMG_5122 (1)

IMG_6934 IMG_6991


6. Baking cookies with Nola!




7. Riley and I paid a surprise visit to Aunt Lizzie on our way home from the Irish Channel parade. Riley brought her a flower and two green candy canes that we caught.


Then on our way out, I told him to be quiet going down the hall, and this is what he looked like leaving. Wonk potatoes.


The very next day, Lizzie was finally sent home. She is stable enough so she no longer has to live in the hospital. Yay! She asked if I could come sit with her last Tuesday (at her new house!) while Doug was off playing volleyball. We had such a fun night together, touring the house, eating dinner, and chatting. She’s 36 weeks along and still doing really well. But the brownies will be here before we know it!


8. Erin invited me to a girls night out two weekends ago with her, Jenn, and Katie. We had drinks at QP and James’s place, a yummy dinner at Paladar 511, and then went to Harrah’s for the very entertaining Thunder from Down Under show.


9. Putting a puzzle together with Daddy one morning.


10. It’s official: Rory will be a Roman next year. Woo-hoo!



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