Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter Train and Easter Eggs

I intended to post yesterday, but I had good reason for not having time to get it done. Lizzie had the Brownies on Monday night: TWO GIRLS!!! Much more to come on that later, but everyone is doing very well.

Riley is in the middle of a week of no school for spring break. It’s kind of like a trial run at what summer will be like, so I’ve tried to come up with some fun things for us to do to occupy the days.

Holy Thursday was his first day off, and I decided to take the boys to ride the Easter train at the mall. In the pouring rain. However, we scored a spot in one of the garages, so we didn’t get too wet. We walked up to the display set up in the middle of the mall, and the boys immediately spotted the little yellow train and all of the Easter decorations around it.


We got in line and only had to wait a little bit. But when it came time to actually climb into one of the train cars, Rory freaked out. He wouldn’t even let me ride in the seat behind him, and the seats were too small for me to hold him on my lap. So we stood on the side and watched Riley take a spin.






After Riley’s ride was done, we walked around the back of the display to check out the gigantic Easter basket and eggs. So huge and colorful!




Later that afternoon, we met Aunt E, Kate, and Luke at Nola and Nopsi’s house to dye Easter eggs. I used gel food coloring for the first time, and it worked pretty well. Riley really got into dyeing eggs this year, Kate made great excited faces, Rory got a little too overzealous putting the eggs in the dye, and Luke hung out in Aunt E’s arms and the bumbo. Everyone had a great time, and we ended up with some really pretty eggs.


IMG_7163 IMG_7155


IMG_7159 IMG_7169


We cleaned up the eggs and the dye and then recreated a moment from almost exactly two years ago. Remember when I brought Riley and two-week-old Rory over to Nola and Nopsi’s to dye eggs in 2013? We took a cousins picture then, with Riley, Kate, and Rory. This year, we did an updated, 2016 version, with Riley, Kate, Rory, and Luke.


Check out the amazing comparison. I can’t believe how big the older three have gotten.


Just imagine what they’ll all look like in another two years.


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