Friday, March 4, 2016

Ten Things

1. Sunday snuggles with Luke are the best, once he’s past his nightly fussy stage. Jem wanted loving this night too, but my lap wasn’t quite big enough. Oh, and Erin and Jeff have discovered that Luke loves to be swaddled, so when all else fails, they break out the baby straightjacket. But then there was the time that he was somehow content in the most uncomfortable looking position on his daddy. Any given day is a crapshoot. I remember it well.




2. Wonk potatoes’ crazy hair don’t care!

IMG_6001 IMG_6004

3. We have visited Aunt Lizzie quite a few times in the past few weeks. Riley loved coloring in one of her books (and also drawing pictures of his favorite Chima guys), which I finished on a later visit. Then Rory had a mini truck parade in her room earlier this week.




IMG_6661 IMG_6664

She’s still hanging in there and baking those brownies…..she’s officially 34 weeks tomorrow! And her birthday is on Sunday. Happy early birthday, LPb!

4. Nola gave Luke a little truck board book for Valentine’s Day, which Rory promptly and definitively claimed as his own. Aunt E said he could borrow it since Luke wouldn’t need it for awhile. Rory calls it “Aunt E’s book.” It comes with us everywhere, is much loved, and is already quite beat up. When Rory forgot to bring it with him one morning, he lost it.

IMG_6411 IMG_6417

I have since purchased another, undestroyed copy of the book for Luke.

5. Riley sporting a new crawfish shirt on “Show Your Heart” red t-shirt day at school and showing off a couple of his new Lego creations: Skull Scorpio and an AT-DP.

IMG_6466 IMG_6541IMG_6540 IMG_6530

6. We found cute St. Patrick’s Day hats at Target the weekend before last.


Then Riley wanted to climb inside of the red circle on our way out.


7. In less than two weeks, we have had four separate encounters with fire trucks. Rory has been a very happy camper.





8. Showing off his new construction trucks while wearing his new dump truck shirt. #obsessed

IMG_6548 IMG_6547

9. Playdate with Colin while the older two were at school. And there was even a crane truck working across the canal. Can’t wait until these two boys are in school together….Dana and I are crossing our fingers they end up in the same class!


IMG_6572 IMG_6574


10. I heard these two giggling like mad men one afternoon and went upstairs to investigate. They had dumped all of the Mardi Gras beads out and were racing around the room chasing each other with bead tails trailing behind them.


IMG_6579 IMG_6581

Video of this craziness coming on Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


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