Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Big Boy Bed {Rory}

Two Sundays ago Rory took a big step toward being a big boy. Kenny and I got rid of his crib and set him up in a big boy bed.

Rory had picked out a new orange quilt and cute truck pillow the previous week at Target, so I put Kenny to work on Sunday and he made the transition happen.


Rory is actually sleeping in my old twin bed. We decided not to use a box spring, though; Kenny built a platform for the mattress to sit on instead. It keeps Rory a little lower in the bed and it works well with the same bed rail that we used for Riley.






AD#1 also sent Rory his own set of truck sheets, which he loves. They’re so cute!


Rory has done really well in his new bed so far. He did wake up early one morning and get out on his own. Did he come right down the hall and burst into our room? Nope. He climbed up the stairs and busted into his brother’s room, waking him up. So funny.




However, we haven’t had any further incidents, and Kenny has worked to teach Rory not to get out of his bed before 6am. Most mornings I actually have to go in and wake him up so we can take Riley to school. And now we can alternate where we read at night: Rory loves having Riley in his bed for books.



And just think how much more room he’ll have in there once we’re finally able to take the changing table out.

Whenever that may be.


Nola said... Best Blogger Tips

My favorite picture is the one of Riley "reading to" Rory. Won't that be amazing when that can actually happen? I'd say it won't be too long now.

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