Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Ashley and Greg hosted their annual Easter egg hunt the weekend before last, on Sunday afternoon. The weather cooperated and everyone had a really great time.

The guys hid all of the eggs in the backyard and then we let the kids loose.





Riley hunted with a sword down his back and another one sticking out of his shorts pocket. He was very proud of himself for finding the “sneaky” egg under the house, but he only got about 6 or 7 eggs total. The big kids are just so much faster than him. But at least he didn’t stuff any of the backyard toys into his bucket this year.

DSC_7207 DSC_7211


I asked Kenny to stick with Rory so I could take pictures. As I expected, Rory didn’t want much to do with the hunt. Kenny “found” only a couple of eggs to put in his bucket. Rory was quite happy to stand at the little table and roll a truck back and forth.

DSC_7209 DSC_7212


Once all of the eggs had been found, the kids dutifully went over to the steps to sit down for their group picture. I was so impressed with how well they cooperated!


DSC_7239 DSC_7241

Then Greg turned on the bouncy house and more fun commenced.


DSC_7245 DSC_7246


The kids bounced and played the rest of the afternoon. Ashley popped chicken nuggets into the oven for them for dinner, they played even more after they ate, and the adults sat back and watched the craziness. We eventually realized the party needed to end since it was a school night, even though the kids would have continued to play as long as we let them.

Thanks so much for hosting, Ashley and Greg! We look forward to this tradition every year.


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