Monday, April 6, 2015

Dyeing Easter Eggs

Last Tuesday after school, the boys and I got together with Kate and Aunt E at Nola and Nopsi’s house to dye Easter eggs. Nola first gave the three kids their Easter baskets from her and Nopsi…..


…..and then we moved inside to dye eggs. We stripped all of the kids down to just their shorts, which were all navy and could handle any potential inevitable drips of dye, and sat them at their stations I set up on the kitchen island.

There were 8 colors to choose from, whisks for them to use so their hands wouldn’t get too messy (thank you, McCormick website, for the tip!), and 4 eggs for each of them to color.



Riley’s whisk was unfortunately too big to fit inside the plastic cups full of dye: he cracked the first cup he chose (apple green, of course) and most of the dye leaked out. Luckily, the newspaper I put down did its job.



The whisk worked really well for Kate, but Riley ended up just using his hands for his last two eggs.



I helped Rory do his four eggs when Riley was finished. I was afraid he was going to throw in the eggs too violently and splash dye everywhere, but, after a bit of coaching, he actually did a really great job of placing them gently into the cups.


DSC_0021 DSC_0023

The kids were too impatient to leave the eggs in the dye for very long, but they amused themselves with Nola’s silicone tongs while they waited.

DSC_0027 DSC_0028


Once all of the eggs were done, Erin and I sent the kids out back with Nopsi so their eggs could dry and so we could clean up the kitchen. Yells and screeches could soon be heard through the open back door, followed shortly by Nola coming in with an armful of clothes. It turned out Riley and Kate were splashing in the hot tub and got soaked. So she changed them into the new bathing suits she had given them for Easter.

DSC_0046 DSC_0045 DSC_0047


When Erin and I went out there ten minutes later, Kate had already fallen completely into the hot tub, she and Rory were working to empty the huge bin of pool toys into the hot tub, and Riley was standing in the hot tub playing with the toys Kate was throwing into the water. The COLD water, I might add.




They were as happy as they could be. Nola said when she brought out the bin of pool toys their faces lit up like it was Christmas morning. We let them play for about a half hour and then made them get out and dry off. They took a picture with their finished and beautifully dyed Easter eggs…..


…..and then ate dinner together.


Three peas in a pod…..summer is going to be fun with them.


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