Thursday, April 9, 2015

Easter 2015

When Riley woke up on Sunday morning, he apparently started looking for his Easter basket right away. (The Easter Bunny decided to hide the boys’ baskets this year, even though that’s not what the Easter Bunny’s wife would have done.) But the baskets weren’t hidden in hard to find places. Rory’s was sitting on a chair, and Riley’s was behind another chair.


This year the boys each got a pair of rain boots, an umbrella, a Lego Mixel, and some candy. They also got the movie Big Hero 6 on DVD, which Riley was excited about. Remember how much he laughed out loud when we saw it in the theater?


He was also excited about his new boots. He wore them around the house for a while that morning.


One of the things I made the day before were zucchini muffins, one of Riley’s favorites, for our Easter breakfast. I had tried to get some from Whole Foods for Valentine’s Day, but they were out. So this time I made my own!


However, Riley took only a couple of bites before declaring that he didn’t like them because they were too sweet. This from the child who loves jellybeans and Skittles and suckers and Airheads. I was not pleased with his comment, but Kenny made him finish everything on his plate before he could have any more Easter candy. The hypocrite.

Even with the breakfast debacle, we all managed to get dressed and out the door before 10am. Our first stop of the day was a bit of a surprise for the boys. We brought them down to Arnaud’s to meet the Easter Bunny.




We hadn’t done this since Rory was brand new in 2013. It was a beautiful morning, and I’m so glad we made it down to the Quarter. Riley really enjoyed himself, dancing around on the balcony and generally acting like his wonky self.


DSC_7377 DSC_7393


DSC_7394 DSC_7392

I wasn’t sure how Rory would react to the huge bunny, but, although he was shy at first, he did really well. He even gave the bunny a high five and also leaned in for a kiss goodbye. Sweetness.





The bunny let the boys pick a candy treat out of his basket and then he had to go. We stuck around for a bit longer so I could take some pictures of the boys together and then we walked back to the car.


DSC_7422 DSC_7424


After the bunny meet and greet, we headed home, fed the boys lunch, gathered what we needed (including the cute bird’s nest cupcakes I made for dessert), and got back in the car. We were off to celebrate Easter at Kel-Kel and Skeets’ house.





The three musketeers were in rare form that afternoon and had a great time playing together.




But their favorite part of the day was the Easter egg hunt. Aunt E’s family stuffed 70 eggs for the three kids to find. They loved it.


DSC_7446 DSC_7447 DSC_7455


Riley found the most eggs, but Rory and Kate weren’t far behind. They ran all over the side and front yards, picking up the colorful eggs and filling their baskets.


DSC_7485 DSC_7472


DSC_7471 DSC_7477


Once all of the eggs had been found, I sat the kids on the bench by the front door to take a cousins picture. See Riley shaking that orange egg? He was thrilled to discover that Erin’s family’s tradition is to put coins in the eggs with candy. His piggy bank is quite a bit fuller now.


It was a fun and festive Easter Sunday. Thanks to the Easter Bunny for taking time out of his busy schedule to visit with us and thanks to Kel-Kel and Skeets for including us in your celebration. We had a great time!


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What a great day! I want to be those kids again!


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