Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Video Tuesday: Screaming Contest

Erin and I have been gathering at Nola and Nopsi’s house one afternoon a week after school for awhile now. The three cousins play together and generally have a grand time, while Erin and I get a bit of a break.

On this particular afternoon, we were outside on the back porch since the weather was so nice. Riley brought Legos out, Rory brought cars, and Kate brought out her baby dolls.

They all played happily for a good bit. And then the screaming started. They decided to have a three-way screaming contest, while the adults just sat in the corner and watched, shaking our heads. And covering our ears.

I think Kate won the competition, but the fun ended when Rory threw one of Riley’s Lego creations and broke it.

Just another afternoon with three crazies.

Happy Tuesday!


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