Friday, April 3, 2015


Last week was “V” week in Riley’s classroom. They did lots of activities associated with the letter “V,” but there was a very special activity on Friday. On Friday, they learned about veterinarians. As such, the teachers asked if any of the parents had access to a selection of small animals (birds, turtles, fish, rabbits, gerbils, etc.) that they could send in to school for the day.

It just so happened that Kenny’s co-worker Chris mentioned to him earlier that week that we could borrow his rabbit anytime if we wanted to. I almost didn’t even show Kenny the animal request sheet the teachers sent home, but I’m glad I did. Talk about perfect timing.

So that’s how we ended up bunny-sitting Stuart for a couple of days. Stuart is a huge albino rabbit: he has white fur with red eyes. And he is oh so soft. Kenny brought him home on Thursday night, he went to school with Riley on Friday, and we dropped him back off at Chris’s house on Saturday morning.


Riley was excited for Stuart’s impending arrival but quickly lost interest once the rabbit was actually in our house. He didn’t even want to hold him, but I made him. And then he went back to playing with Legos.



Rory, on the other hand, instantly loved Stuart. He got the biggest kick out of him. He even ran right to his cage when he woke up on Friday morning and plopped down to watch him have his breakfast. So cute.





However, perhaps even more intriguing to both boys than Stuart himself was his cage. Rory wasted no time crawling in there on Thursday night and Riley quickly followed.




A few minutes later Rory decided to crawl into the cage with Stuart. And Riley of course had to join them. Crazy boys. Poor Stuart.



Once the boys were in bed and Stuart had had some time to recover, Kenny and I gave him a little quality cuddle time with us on the couch while we watched tv. He is SO. SOFT.

IMG_0077 IMG_0078

Amelie said their day with Stuart and the other animals went really well. Riley was very excited to be dropped off with him on Friday morning. But before we knew it, we had to take Stuart back home. We dropped him off on our way out to Hogs for the Cause on Saturday, but I had to get some pictures of the boys with him before we left.


IMG_0096 IMG_0099IMG_0100 IMG_0103


Hope everyone has a great Easter weekend!


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