Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Fingerpainting Fun with School Friends

Riley’s school had a three-day Easter break, so Dana, Diana, and I decided to get the kids together and do some fingerpainting. Dana graciously hosted everyone at her house on Thursday morning. The weather was great, so we painted outside on her back patio.

Rory was at his music class with Grandma, but Riley, Claire, Colin, and Alcee all painted. Everyone but Riley opted to start out using brushes, but soon they were all just using their fingers. Or their whole hands.


DSC_7312 DSC_7315DSC_7318 DSC_7316


Riley went abstract with a few handprints thrown in; Colin did the same. Alcee did some handprints of her own but also included a cute green angel. And Claire painted her favorite thing at the moment: a pretty and colorful rainbow.







Riley declared he was done after using only a few colors but said he wanted me to add yellow while he ran off to play. (I did, plus a few more colors.) And the other three joined Riley out in the backyard once they were satisfied with their paintings. After a good amount of playtime, we called them back to the patio for a picnic lunch.


Grandma dropped Rory off right as the painting crew started eating, so he joined in the feast. They all played some more after lunch and then we took a couple of group pictures with their finished paintings. And a tractor for Rory.




Thanks so much for having us over, Dana; we had lots of fun. Let’s do it again one day this summer, okay? We’re going to have to figure out lots of fun things to do with these kids once they’re out of school for three months!


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